Fugetsu Hui Guo Rou (フウゲツ=ホイコーロ, Fūgetsu Hoikōro) is the Eleventh Prince of the Kakin Empire, and the daughter of her father's sixth wife, Seiko.[4] She is the younger twin sister of Kacho.[3]


Fugetsu is a beautiful girl with dark hair. Her expression is rather serious when she is doing ikebana on her initial appearance.[4] However, during the celebration before the departure to the Dark Continent, she looks rather genial as she is enjoying the celebration and chatting with other important guests.[5]


Fugetsu appears to be a bit timid and soft-hearted.[6][3] She is deeply attached to her twin sister Kacho. Unlike the latter, she is unable to transition from a superficial to a more serious persona in the face of the Succession War. She is kinder and more considerate to her subordinates than Kacho, as Loberry muttered to Yuri that they should be assigned to Fugetsu after Kacho's outburst.[3]

She seems not to like the perspective of the Succession War. She is terrified when Kacho asked her to form an alliance to take out their other siblings, but she does not contradict her sister.[6] Fugetsu's dressing is simpler than her sister and half-sisters. She enjoys ikebana.[4]


When they were children, Fugetsu and Kacho would often play together in a playground called "Magic Worm".[7] One of their favorite games was pretending to travel the world, and Kacho would always let Fugetsu decide their next destination.[8]


Succession Contest arc

Kacho explains her plan to Fugetsu

Fugetsu is the only one among the younger princes who do not hire bodyguards via the website.[9] She and her biological sister attend the celebration before the departure alongside the other princes. She and her sister are holding their hands and gleefully waving to the people, both of them are wearing similar black formal dresses. She is again seen with her sister during the dinner banquet with the important guests where she is chatting with other guests.[5] She later accompanies Kacho to a guarded corridor, where her sister suggests the two of them form an alliance. Fugetsu is astonished and remains silent, which Kacho takes to mean she has accepted.[6] While alone in her room, she shuffles through old photos of her and Kacho having fun together and cries.[3]

Fugetsu agrees to send her bodyguards to learn Nen under Kurapika.[10] She sends her maids Illardia and Ladiolus, instead of her Royal Bodyguards.[11] That night, she cries in bed while looking at a photo of herself and Kacho on her phone. Suddenly, a small door appears on the wall, which she recognizes as the entrance to a playground she and Kacho used to play in as kids. She hides her pillows under the sheets and, without alerting her bodyguards, crawls through the tunnel, which takes her to Kacho's bed. After the initial shock, her twin motions for her to be silent.[7]

Fugetsu is found by Mizaistom

The following morning, Fugetsu, in her room once again, begs the magic door to open again, but nothing happens.[12] However, it appears again at night, prompting the Eleventh Prince to make conjectures about its mechanics. She determines to make a series of experiments so she can escape with her twin.[13] On the fourth day of voyage, she is found by some soldiers wandering in Tier 3. She is immediately placed under the watch of Hunters and later reached by Mizaistom.[14] However, she refuses to answer any questions, stating that she will speak only to her sister.[8]

Mizaistom interrogates Fugetsu

In the early afternoon, she is taken back to her cabin while reflecting that she and Kacho truly are two halves of a whole, which is also reflected in their "magic". She meets with her mother and an investigator, who tells her that she will be placed under constant surveillance for the following 72 hours and that meeting with her sister will be impossible before the banquet. Fugetsu apologizes and accepts the terms, promising to use that time for rehearsal. Yushohi's inner monologue notes that Prince Fugetsu was fortunate enough to escape being killed by his How to Get Away with Murder Nen ability that was attached to her, but was released due to the prince being farther than a 20 meter radius from him. Yushohi also speculates with her Guardian Spirit Beast's power revealed and deemed a harmless teleportation ability, she'll be a primary target for assassins.[8]

The ceremony punishes escape attempts

On the eighth day of the voyage, Fugetsu attends the banquet with her sister and her sister's personal bodyguard Melody.[15] Despite a few changes in schedule, the twins will remain the last to perform, as per their plan. When they are about to execute their plan, Fugetsu asks her sister if she is not nervous. Kacho holds her hand to comfort her, but Fugetsu continues to shake. They wear their headphones when Melody is called on stage. Her performance keeps everyone in the upper tiers in a trance, Keeney leads the twins to the lifeboats. They thank him and board one. As they approach the exit, Kacho promising her sister that they will never be apart and that all they need is each other. However, as soon as they leave the Black Whale, ghostly hands manifest all around them. Kacho realizes that escaping the succession contest means death and urges Fugetsu to summon her magic door to go back to the ship.[2]

Fugetsu manages to get into the tunnel, but Kacho shuts the door behind her. Fugetsu despairs, but after a few moments, a smiling Kacho opens the door again and crawls into the tunnel. She explains that there are troublesome consequences for trying to leave the Black Whale on their own and tells them that they will try again after laying low for a while. They emerge in Fugetsu's room and lie in bed together, smiling despite their failed escape. Unbeknownst to Fugetsu, the real Kacho died and the replica by her side is the ability of her Guardian Spirit Beast.[2]

Fugetsu and "Kacho" are then summoned by the justice department for questioning. They claim that they were nearly coerced by Keeney into escaping, which seems corroborated by his will.[16]

Fugetsu's Employees

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Royal Family
11th Prince 6th Queen
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Fugetsu Hui Guo Rou
Prince Fugetsu's Employees
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Legend of Symbols
Symbol Meaning Example Meaning
P prince 1P The 1st Prince.
Q queen 5Q The 5th Queen.
... sent by 1Q→ X is sent by the 1st Queen.
... sent to →14P X is sent to the 14th Prince.
...... reassigned to 2Q→14P X is reassigned by the 2nd Queen to the 14th Prince.
...... was assigned to one or more princes →8P→11P X was assigned to the 8th and 11th Princes.
in charge of a prince's curse 4P♰ The guard is in charge of the 4th Prince's curse.
formerly in charge of a prince's curse 12P♰ The guard is formerly in charge of the 12th Prince's curse.
* Information found in Togashi's notes from "Jump Ryu! Vol. 21" interview 1Q*→ The guard's affiliation is revealed in the notes.
Servant* The employee's position is revealed in the notes.
[name]* The employee's name is revealed in the notes.
? Placeholder
(might hold another position)
Captain? The employee might not be the captain or a personal guard.
? The employee might not be a personal guard.
2Q? The employee might have been sent by another queen.
(might have initially belonged to either Prince Momoze or Prince Marayam)
This particular issue arose when their mother Queen Sevanti sent all of Momoze's Hunters and servants to Marayam. Since we only got to see 4/5 of Momoze's Hunters and 2/3 of her servants by that time, we can't say for certain which prince the marked characters initially belonged to.

Abilities & Powers

Despite being a member of Kakin's royal family, according to Tubeppa, Fugetsu has no real political influence or power.[17] She is quite analytical, as she managed to come up with a series of hypotheses and experiments to figure out the mechanics of the magical door.[13] Like her twin sister, she can play the glass harp.[8]

Guardian Spirit Beast

Like the rest of her siblings, Fugetsu received an egg from which a Guardian Spirit Beast, a variety of Nen beast, hatched to protect her.[4] As a parasitic-type ability, she has no control over it.[18] The Guardian Spirit Beast is subjected to two rule-like instincts: it is unable to fight other Guardian Spirit Beasts as well as to directly attack the host of one.[17]

Fugetsu's Guardian Spirit Beast
Type: Unknown (symbiotic type)[2]
374 - Door of Travel.png

374 - Hatch.png
Fugetsu's Guardian Spirit Beast exists as a wormhole. Through a Symbiotic type, teleportation ability called Magical Worm (秘密の扉(マジカルワーム) Secret Door),[2] it can manifest a small door identical to the entrance of a playground Fugetsu and Kacho used to play in frequently as kids,[7] which she refers to as the "Outgoing Door".[8] By crawling through the tunnel behind it, Fugetsu can move to another location, emerging from a hatch-like opening. The door becomes undetectable as soon as Fugetsu closes it,[7] but she can go back through it provided that she does not step out of the tunnel.[12][8] On the other hand, coming out of the tunnel through the hatch causes the "Return Door" to appear, which leads to a destination of Kacho's choice. This door can only be opened by Kacho.[8][2]

This ability appears to incorporate elements of Conjuration and possibly Emission.[7] The door appears once every night. A single use leaves Fugetsu drained.[13]


  • "Kachōfūgetsu" (花鳥風月) is a Japanese saying that is literally translatable as "Flower, Bird, Wind, Moon" and adapted means "The Beauty of Nature" or "Beauties of Nature". It is an invitation to behold the wonders of nature and, in doing so, learn about oneself. Coincidentally, Fugetsu's first appearance shows her doing ikebana or gardening.[4]

Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag.png Arabic فوغيتسو هوي غو رو
China Flag.png Chinese 風月·回可羅
France Flag.png French Fuugetsu Hoicoro
South Korea Flag.png Korean 후게츠 호이코오로 (Hugecheu Hoikoolo)


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