"The only thing we Have-Nots have to surpass the royals, to have a chance at crossing swords with high-ranking powerful Guardian Spirit Beasts, is our determination. Without the courage and sufficient preparation to perish close enough to touch the prince, while looking into the prince's eyes, how could our curse ever be successful?"

— Fukataki to Sarahell, in "Curse"

Fukataki (フカタキ, Fukataki) is the Majordomo of the Second Prince Camilla.[1]


Fukataki is an old woman with dark eyes and wrinkles on her face. Her hair is pulled back in a bun, enclosed by a hairnet with a pin, at the back of her head. She wears a maid's uniform of black dress with a white apron.[1]


Fukataki carries herself as a wise old woman who speaks from her lifelong experience. She is a repository of traditional and esoteric occult knowledge and is fond of expressing herself in maxims and adages. Like the other Have-Nots in Camilla's employ, she is extremely loyal to the prince, and was shown to smile in approval when Sarahell expressed her readiness to die for Camilla's benefit.[1]


Succession Contest arc

After calling a meeting regarding Shikaku's suicide, Sarahell summons Fukataki, who reveals to be right behind her, and declares that she would like to send out a curse that very same day. She asks Fukataki about the length of time Mozbe's, Meshush's, and Taler's would require, who shares her estimates. Upon learning that Prince Kacho and Prince Fugetsu are in holding, Fukataki amends her guess. Sarahell thus decides to go with Taler, but Fukataki specifies that her estimates did not take the protection of the Guardian Spirit Beasts into account. She reckons that the only way for a curse to take effect would be to die while touching the target and looking them in the eye. Sarahell protests that she could have said so sooner, to which Fukataki replies that the young must be allowed to make their mistakes. When the Captain of the Guards decides to sacrifice herself, the Majordomo warns her to be careful, and smiles at Sarahell's unwavering resolve.[1]

Abilities & Powers

Fukataki's wisdom and knowledge are valued by the Captain of the Private Guards of Prince Camilla, who has shown to seek and heed her advice.[1]


Although she has not shown any Nen abilities of her own, Fukataki is aware of the existence of Guardian Spirit Beasts in every generation of royals. She is also extremely knowledgeable about the effects and ideal conditions of the Have-Nots' curse Yomotsu Hegui to the point that she can make estimations about the time required to affect the target for each guard based on their and their target's location.[1]


  • (To Sarahell) "The royals defending the prosperity of the dynasty are protected by noble Guardian Spirit Beasts. Impertinent curses sent by the safety of our own territory will be obliterated with one sharp look."[1]
  • (To Sarahell) "Ingenuity has the same power as experience... The young skin their knees, and the old pick medicinal herbs."[1]
  • (To Sarahell) "Going downhill, you won't get away with skinned knees."[1]


  • The proverbs and maxims cited by Fukataki, rhyme in the original Japanese.[1]

Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag.png Arabic فوكاتاكي


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