Gama (ガマ, Gama) is one of the Heavens Arena's Floor Masters. He only appears in Hunter × Hunter: The Last Mission.[1]



Gama's Battle Olympia magazine page

Gama is fat in the chest and belly, but thin in the arms and legs. With his greenish skin, long tongue and webbed hands, he bears resemblance to his namesake, a toad. He has dark brown hair, very short at the sides and longer on the top of his head, combed in a middle parting. His eyes are small, whereas his mouth is rather big.

Gama's fighting uniform is comprised of a green sweater with a stripe of lighter color going from one wrist to the other, running up his arms and across his round shoulders, a white shirt worn underneath, white trousers, and white and black sneakers.


The Last MissionEdit

Chibi Gon and Killua
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Abilities & PowersEdit


Gama using his tongue to fight Gon

Not much is known about Gama's abilities, but the fact that he was a Floor Master is proof enough of his power and proficiency in Nen. Still, he was defeated single-handedly by Jed's followers. Basing on a magazine that Killua was eying over and the way he was shown fighting later in the movie, he seems to rely on his tongue for battles.

Magazine FinishersEdit

  • Shitanamezuri (possibly "Lip Licking"): Gama extends his tongue, perhaps in preparation for an attack.


  • Gama means "toad" in Japanese.

Translations around the WorldEdit

Language Name
The Arab world Flag Arabic گاما
France Flag French Kama


  1. Hunter × Hunter: The Last Mission


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