Garcia (ガルシア, Garushia) is a character that appears in The Last Mission movie. He was seen as one of the VIPs in the top box in Heavens Arena.[1]


Garcia is an older male who had facial wrinkles, black eyes, dark gray hair while the bottom half of his hair was a more ash gray color, a mustache, and a chin beard. He wore a cedar colored suit and tie.


A person that omits faults and doesn't take responsibility for his faults or actions. He's shown trying to socialize himself with affluent people like Neon Nostrade and when in danger of losing his life, he offered as much money somebody would want to have his life saved.[1]


The Last Mission

Garcia approaches Neon and offers his sympathies about her father who in recent times, has fallen ill but is quickly dismissed by the girl, much to his annoyance. During the siege of the Heavens Arena by the members of Shadow, he's surrounded by members of the group and claims that he's innocent. Later, Garcia is disposed of by Rengoku's On after it was revealed that he had ordered to wipe out remaining members associated with the Shadow, by the Vice-chairman.[1]

Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag Arabic غارسيا (Gharsya)


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