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"The trick is to show how calm yet crazy you are."

— Genthru to Puhat in "Countdown"

Genthru (ゲンスルー, Gensurū) is the former leader of the Bomber group, whose members included Sub and Bara;[4] he was among the players trying to clear the Greed Island game.[5] He was also known as the Bomber (爆弾魔(ボマー), Bomā) among Greed Island players.[6] Genthru serves as the main antagonist of the Greed Island arc.


Genthru's 2011 anime adaptation design

Genthru's 1999 anime adaptation design

Genthru's manga appearance

Genthru is tall, very thin, and has lanky arms. In the 1999 anime adaptation, he has brownish red hair, while the 2011 anime adaptation gives him blond hair. He has a pointed chin and angular glasses that give him an evil look complimenting his chin and cheekbones.[5]


In the beginning, Genthru shows himself as gentle, friendly and willing to stop the Bomber and finish the game,[5] but after he reveals himself as the real Bomber, he shows his true colors.[6]

Genthru enjoys killing. He is lacking in compassion for people at large, with the exception of his teammates Sub and Bara. This is shown when he volunteers to roll the Risky Dice when one of his companions is readily willing to do it, citing a promise to "share risks equally". Later, he also agrees to hand an "Angel's Breath" card over to Gon and company, on the condition that they use a duplicate "Angel's Breath" to heal Bara.

Due to this, he is extremely self-oriented and is able to commit acts of mass murder bordering on terrorism with no hesitation or difficulty. Genthru also disarms his enemies due to his constant composure—he rarely lapses from his calm demeanor. Genthru is very observant and analytical, showing that, in spite of his blood lust and disregard for consequences, he will not jump into situations recklessly. He takes the time to make up a counter plan when Tsezguerra's group employs hit-and-run tactics against him and tends to fight strategically, only committing to an action or attack when the risk is at its lowest.

However, while stoic and calm for the most part, Genthru can be shaken and even enraged out of his unflappable demeanor. Genthru's insistence on planning out his actions also reveals his dislike of things not going to plan. He is often caught off-guard when things don't go the way he expects, like Gon being aware of his abilities from the start and thus having Genthru become angry when Gon has planned counters for his abilities like dousing him in gasoline to prevent his use of Little Flower (which would cause Genthru to light himself on fire from the explosion). Beyond anger, though, Genthru will show outright fear or terror in the face of certain defeat or against opponents that he can't understand on a psychological level. He was afraid when Gon showed no fear of death and thought that Gon was insane when he continued to fight even with his hand blown off. He was completely terrified and screaming when he was trapped and Gon was about to hit him with his Rock attack.


Genthru was hired to play Greed Island by Battera.[7] After entering the game, Genthru founds an alliance with Nickes and eight other players while secretly killing others. He kept up this double life for five years, during which time he secretly planted bombs on all members of the alliance.[6]


Greed Island arc

Genthru as a member of Nickes' group

After all the new players hired by Battera enter the game, Genthru immediately kills Jeet. He is introduced as one of the members of Nickes' player alliance. Genthru and Nickes explain the basic information about Greed Island and the spell cards to Gon, Killua, Biscuit, Abengane, and Puhat. He also warns them about players who are willing to kill the competition to complete the game first, the most dangerous of which is the mysterious "Bomber", who was behind Jeet's death. After Nickes invites the newcomers into the alliance, Genthru reveals that they have managed to gather 67 specified slot cards and are 70% through completing the game.[5] He adds that new players are unlikely to be able to hold on to valuable cards and offers to remove the spell placed by Latarza on Killua if he and Gon join the group, but the boys refuse the invitation. Genthru then discusses the division of the final reward with Nickes and Jispa, mentioning that the other members of the alliance are becoming restless.[7]

Genthru using his Nen ability on Jispa

Weeks later, all the members of the alliance gather together in a cave. Nickes congratulates them on collecting 90 different specified slot cards. Genthru then speaks up and reveals that he is the Bomber and that he has placed a time bomb on each and every member of the alliance. After this shocking revelation, Jispa tries to subdue Genthru, but has his face blown off by Genthru's Nen ability Little Flower. Genthru resumes the explanation of his abilities[6] as well as of how to deactivate Countdown. The bombs appear on all members of the alliance, and Genthru offers to disarm them himself in return for all the specified slot cards gathered until that point. He claims that he will wait at Battera's castle and escapes the base with a "Leave" card. He waits by the consoles with Sub and Bara until Puhat arrives. Genthru orders him to hand over the cards, but Puhat reveals that he has come to negotiate with Genthru alone. Genthru then ruthlessly kills him using Little Flower.[4]

"Releasing" the bombs

Nickes finally arrives with the ring in which all cards are stored. The announcement of Jispa's death leaves Genthru unaffected. Nickes insists that he remove the bomb, but Genthru replies that he needs to make sure all the cards are in the binder, then handing the ring over to Sub. The Bombers and Nickes reenter the game, and after verifying that all the cards are in the binder, the three touch their thumbs together and cause all the bombs placed by Genthru to detonate,[8] killing nearly all the members of the allied group (with the exception of Abengane and Cuzco). As a result of the massacre, several cards previously hoarded by the group are put back into circulation.[9]

Genthru, Sub, and Bara continue to amass the rest of the designated cards. They establish a monopoly on "Angel's Breath" and "Night Jade", the former through "Clone". They refuse Tsezguerra's offer to trade several times due to his progress in the game. One day, they are contacted by the Single-Star Hunter, who offers them three cards—"Patch of Forest", "Spirited Away Hollow", and "Miniature Dragon"—in return for "Night Jade" alone. After the Bombers talk it over, Genthru determines that the deal is not a trap, but that Tsezguerra is confident he can obtain the cards he is missing before them. In order to collect the elusive "Wild Luck Alexandrite", they capture two players and force one of them to use Risky Dice and "Lottery". However, their attempts fail and Genthru suggests going back to Masadora to restock. He is not concerned with the number of cards gathered by Gon's team and estimates that they will get stuck at around 65, claiming that the ones they have to watch out for are Tsezguerra's, Tokharone's, and Hagakushi's teams, the Bellam brothers, and the uncommonly belligerent Phinks and Feitan. At Bara's suggestion, the Bombers come up with a plan to steal the cards they want from Tsezguerra: a combination of Risky Dice and Tax Collector's Gauntlet. Since his two friends would have to roll a Risky Dice each, Genthru, to share the same risks, rolls one himself. They agree on the plan and accept Tsezguerra's offer.[1]

Genthru with Bara and Sub

The Bombers alter the faces of their two captives to make them look like Sub and Bara. They arrive at the site of the appointment before Tsezguerra's team, and the two captives are made to stand next to Genthru while Sub and Bara each wear a Tax Collector's Gauntlet and hide. After completing the trade, Genthru attracts the attention of Tsezguerra's team by saying that the trade is unfair to them. He holds up two cards, stating that one is worthless and the other is "Angel's Breath", and tells them to pick one. Behind them, Sub and Bara roll their Risky Dice and steal a total of eight cards from Tsezguerra's team. The Bombers then fly back to Masadora and celebrate the success of their plan. Genthru then lists the three cards they should retrieve before going after "Plot of Beach" and stealing "Wild Luck Alexandrite" from someone else. He confidently declares that they may as well begin to decide which three cards they should take to the real world.[10] Genthru's name is mentioned in Gon's binder.[11]

Genthru spying on Gon

Shortly afterwards, the Bombers reach a total of 97 specified slot cards[12] and kill six members of the alliance Gon's team formed to compete against Razor's pirates. When Gon's group challenges Razor a second time and wins "Plot of Beach", the Bombers monitor them with a spyglass and then contact Tsezguerra, knowing that he's injured and offering to spare their lives in return for "Plot of Beach". Genthru orders him to come alone to the gate of Masadora in one hour, or they will take it as a declaration of war. He reveals that he killed the former members of Kazsule's Alliance, enraging Gon and causing him to challenge the Bomber.[13] Genthru replies that he will steal "Wild Luck Alexandrite" from him after dealing with Tsezguerra. When the connection is lost, Genthru rejects Bara's suggestion to steal a copy of "Plot of Beach" from the kids, since checking it with a Paladin's Necklace would cause a cloned card to be reverted too. He claims that Gon's team will cave once Tsezguerra surrenders and insists on the importance of not letting the Single-Star Hunter recover.[14]

The Bombers appearing before Tsezguerra's group

After Tsezguerra arrives with the rest of his team, they steal cards from the Bombers and fly away. The Bombers check their binders and notice that no important cards were taken. Genthru comments that it will be tough to beat Tsezguerra, noticing his unusual determination. When Tsezguerra's team repeatedly attacks them with guerrilla tactics, Genthru deduces that they are tracking them through someone's ability and decides to resort to drastic measures.[15] The Bombers begin to hang around the spell card shop in Masadora, beating up any player who comes out of it while searching for the person supplying Tsezguerra's team with spell cards. They also force those who have never met Tsezguerra to buy cards for them and kill the others. Once they have gathered enough spell cards to give chase to Tsezguerra's team, the Bombers go after them.[16] When Tsezguerra's spell cards begin to run out, Genthru remains with two impostors while Sub and Bara stake the spell card shop. When Tsezguerra's team leaves the game, Genthru and Bara follow them and kill Sabazushi.[17]

Gon and Genthru about to face off

Unable to track down Tsezguerra and fearing the loss of their data, the Bombers wait for Tsezguerra to return at the Shiso Tree. When they do not return, Genthru decides not to worry about Battera canceling the reward and plans to steal the cards from Gon's team.[18] After checking their spells, Genthru decides to fight Gon if it comes down to force. They fly to them and pretend to have made a deal with Tsezguerra, offering to make one with them as well. When Killua points out that there is no proof they actually made a deal, Genthru threatens to kill them if they don't hand over their cards. The Bombers chase them until they seemingly run out of spells in Masadora. Unable to find them, the trio goes to the spell card shop first and then track them down using their last "Accompany" card. They run after them, and, when the kids split up, Genthru engages Gon in a one-on-one battle.[19]

Genthru about to use his Little Flower on Gon

When the boy counters his first offensive, Genthru deduces that Gon knows about his abilities. Gon tries to get him to agree to a wager where the one to admit defeat surrenders his cards to the winner. Genthru refuses at first, but accepts when Gon swears that he will die before opening his binder otherwise. Upon seeing Gon's Ren, he thinks that he shows promise, but is still far from maturation. After activating his own Ren, he easily dodges and blocks the boy's attacks by reading the flow of his aura. He then begins to beat him down one-sidedly without using his ability.[20][21] However, Gon does not give up and Genthru resolves to use Little Flower to break his spirit.[22] In the blink of an eye, he grabs Gon's left wrist and detonates it. The boy defended himself with Gyo, and Genthru realizes that he has been training that countermove. He grabs Gon's arm again, but feints an explosion and instead punches him in the midsection. Due to his lowered defenses, Gon takes a lot of damage and vomits up blood. However, he keeps smirking, much to Genthru's irritation. He attempts another feint, which Gon manages to see through due to Genthru not using Gyo. Genthru then showcases Little Flower from both his hands and explains its effects on the victim's body. Faced with Gon's stubbornness, he announces that he will blow off his limbs one by one.[23]

Gon landing a Nen-enhanced kick on Genthru

Genthru detonates both his hands at the same time, but suddenly finds himself stunned. He realizes that instead of defending, Gon focused most of his aura in his foot to kick him under the chin, protecting only his right hand. He is horrified by Gon's aura while he charges up Rock, but he is unable to control his body. As he tries to back away, he stumbles on a root and falls, unwittingly dodging the punch. He recovers his footing and hears Gon say it has been enough. Assuming that Gon intends to surrender, Genthru is shocked when Gon declares that he will fight for real, thinking to himself that the kid is insane. Deciding to outwit Gon, he pretends to surrender to get Gon near him while his binder is out. He proceeds to crush the boy's throat so that he cannot utter "book" or "gain". Enraged, Gon soaks Genthru with a gasoline container he had stored in a card and pulled out of his binder one minute before to nullify his Little Flower.[24] Genthru dispels his binder and, now out of options, decides to use Countdown. He explains the ability and prepares to touch Gon to activate it. Before he can get close, Gon suddenly punches the ground below them with Rock, revealing that it was a covering for a pit. Genthru falls and is trapped in the pit, surprised that Gon would trap himself as well. He sees Gon jumping into a lateral tunnel before throwing another card into the air, which, due to having been out of his binder for one minute, reverts into a huge boulder that comes crashing down. After Genthru jumps into the same tunnel as Gon, with the rock blocking the exit, he finds himself in front of the boy as he is about to strike with Rock to defeat him. Genthru tries to surrender, but Gon hits him with the attack, causing him to vomit up blood and knocking him unconscious. Gon then drags him out of the tunnel.[25]

Abengane catching the Bomber

Following the battle, Genthru is tied up and brought to an open field with his defeated teammates. He requests that "Angel's Breath" be used on Bara, who had been severely injured by Biscuit.[25] Despite Goreinu's protests, Gon's team spare the Bombers' lives and Gon uses "Angel's Breath" on Genthru as well.[26] Genthru is surprised when a stranger touches him and says, "I caught the Bomber", dispelling Genthru's lingering Nen.[27]

Abilities & Powers

Genthru has demonstrated that he is quite a formidable foe on numerous occasions. He was able to murder several players as well as fool the entirety of Nickes' group for over five years, all the while planting bombs on each of them. He is also adept at hiding his real power, which allowed him to effortlessly put the strongest member of the alliance in critical condition with a single attack (even while trying to sneak up behind him).[6] He is capable of reading the flow of inexperienced Nen users to predict their next moves.[20] The fame he created for himself as the Bomber made Tsezguerra, a Single-Star Hunter, wary of facing him alone, even with his three allies; however, that was partly due to Tsezguerra's extreme caution, as he conceded that they would probably be able to win, but wanted to maximize their chances.[17] Nonetheless, the Single-Star Hunter believed that Genthru would have beaten him even when he was at the peak of his power.[13] Genthru bested Gon in hand-to-hand combat without even using his Nen abilities, and while holding back so as not to kill him.[20][21] He ultimately lost to him on account of Gon's previous knowledge of his abilities and the trap and strategy Gon's team prepared,[24][25] although underestimating Gon's resolve nearly spelled his defeat at one point.[24] Abengane gauged that despite their massive improvements, Gon and Killua were still weaker than Genthru and would not have managed to win against him without an excellent plan.[27]

Enhanced Strength: Genthru's blows have enough strength to knock Gon, an Enhancer, off his feet and send him flying back for a few meters, as well as injure him.[20][21]

Enhanced Speed and Reflexes: Genthru can move fast enough to catch Gon by surprise[20][21][23][24] and to react to a sneak attack from Jispa, countering and dealing a lethal injury with the same move.[6]

High Intelligence: Genthru is an excellent strategist and tactician, which he demonstrated both in his capabilities as a card collector and when going up against Tsezguerra's group.

Proficient Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Genthru effortlessly and repeatedly overpowered Gon in combat during their confrontation,[20][21][23][24] receiving a critical hit only due to underestimating his opponent.[25]


Genthru is a Conjurer*[2][3] with remarkable skills in three, if not four, other Nen types, combining his natural category with Emission and Manipulation in one of his Nen abilities[4] and possibly Transmutation in another. A Little Flower blast carrying 20% of his aura was able to blow the skin off Gon's arm, where the latter had focused 30% of his own aura. More impressively, Genthru managed to remain conscious despite having only 10% of his aura spread across all of his body to defend against a kick by Gon carrying 70% of his aura.[24] These feats, together with Genthru's ability to injure an Enhancer like Gon with just his blows,[20][21] might vouch for a certain proficiency in Enhancement as well. His offensive and defensive abilities are further bolstered by his large aura output and reserves.[23] Outside of his Nen abilities, Genthru has demonstrated a working command of Ken[20] and, consequently, Ten and Ren.[28] He also makes ample use of Gyo to shield himself from the effects of Little Flower.[23]

Genthru's Nen Type: Conjuration*
Type: Unknown Little Flower (一握りの火薬(リトルフラワー) Ritoru Furawā, lit. "A Handful of Gunpowder")
Nen 1.png

Double little flower.jpg
Genthru gives his aura explosive properties, creating small yet deadly detonations in his palms.[6] He employs this ability by grabbing hold of an opponent and triggering the explosion.[6][8][23][24] If the ability is used on the opponent's face and they fail to guard properly, their mouth, nose and eyes will be irreparably blown away, while blasts close to the fingers will blow them off, and everywhere else will damage the muscles and nerves beneath the skin beyond recovery.[23] Aside from combat, Genthru uses this ability as a deterrent to threaten other players or discourage them from trying to touch him.[4]

One of its weaknesses is that Genthru needs to shield his own hands with more aura than he uses to detonate, which renders Little Flower[25] significantly less powerful than Countdown and makes it possible to guess when he is going for a fake-out by the use of Gyo at the moment of contact.[23] To counter opponents with this ability, Genthru can release Little Flower through both hands; however, this comes at the cost of severely reducing the amount of aura with which he can guard the rest of his body, the proportions becoming 20% of his aura for each blast, 25% to shield each hand, and a mere 10% everywhere else.[24]

Due to its resemblance to other abilities based on forms of energy as well as the explosions capping Genthru's aura output,[24] it seems likely that the ability belongs to the Transmutation category.

Type: Conjuration, Emission, and Manipulation[4] Countdown (命の音(カウントダウン) Kauntodaun, lit. "Sound of Life")
Nen 2.png Genthru can attach a bomb to a victim by following two conditions,[4] in no particular order:[25] he must touch the target while saying the word "Bomber" and explain both of his abilities in full[4] (and in proper sequence).[6] The bomb is then conjured and its countdown timer starts at 6000. The timers are linked to his victims' pulses, counting down faster if their heart rates increase.[4] When it reaches 0, the target explodes from the inside, with the blast being ten times more powerful than that of Little Flower.[25] In order to nullify this ability, the victim needs to touch Genthru and say, "I caught the Bomber".[4] Genthru can detonate the bombs at any time when touching thumbs together with Sub and Bara, with all three saying the word "Release" (解放(りりース), Rirīsu).[8] Though he is a Conjurer, he also employs Emission and Manipulation to make this ability possible.[4]


  • Greed Island arc:
    • Genthru vs. Jispa[6]
    • Genthru vs. Puhat[4]
    • Genthru, Bara, and Sub vs. Motaricke and another Greed Island Player[1]
    • Genthru, Bara, and Sub vs. Asta, Amana, Manheim, Kazsule, Nick Cue, Souheil, Yabibi, Montreux, Hanse, Zeho, and Wong Li[13]
    • Genthru vs. Sabazushi[17]
    • Genthru vs. Gon Freecss[19][20][21][22][23][24][25]


  • (To the player alliance) "Five long years... It seems to have flown by... There's something I have to say to all of you at this time. I'm the Bomber."[6]
  • (To the player alliance) "Now then... I'll tell you how to disarm the bombs."[6]
  • (To Nickes) "Who were you again?"[8]
  • (To the player alliance) "As if I'd keep a promise with you losers! 'Release' is the trigger word!!"[8]
  • (To Sub and Bara) "Like I keep telling you... we share all risks equally."[1]
  • (To Gon) "There aren't many people who know my ability and lived to tell the tale..."[20]
  • (To Gon) "You're a lunatic. Like me, but in your own way."[20]
  • (To himself, about Gon) "I was wrong about this battle. It's not about the physical. I have to break his spirit!!"[22]


  • In the official databook, his name is also spelled as "Genslu".[2]
  • He wears his Greed Island Ring on the ring finger of his right hand.
  • Since Battera mentioned hiring Hunters multiple times, it is possible that Genthru is one.[29][30]
  • According to the "Hunter × Hunter Manual" section found in the Yu ☆ Yu ☆ Hakusho official character book (Shueisha Jump remix),* Genthru's stats are:
Story Arcs Mind Skill Body Nen Ingenuity Intelligence
Greed Island arc 3/5 4/5 4/5 4/5 4/5 4/5

Intertextuality and References

  • Genthru's Nen ability may be a reference to Karasu, a character from Yoshihiro Togashi's YuYu Hakusho. Both characters use bombs as their primary weapon.
  • His sunglasses look similar to the ones Younger Toguro wore in YuYu Hakusho.
  • Genthru's ability is reminiscent of the stand "Killer Queen" from the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, used by Yoshikage Kira. Kira, however, needs to consciously detonate anything he turns to bombs. The process is also irreversible.


  • Genthru's 1999 voice actor, Tsuyoshi Koyama, voiced Izunavi (Ep. 56) and Johness in the 1999 anime adaptation.
  • Genthru's 2011 voice actor, Hiroyuki Yoshino, voiced Sub and Souheil in the 1999 anime adaptation.

Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag.png Arabic جينثرو (Jynthru)
China Flag.png Chinese 甘舒 (Gān shū)
Italy Flag.png Italian Gensuru
Russia Flag.png Russian Генцуру (Gentsuru)


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