"Be glad I'm your first opponent. I'm not much. Hardly a real danger."

— Gido to Gon Freecss, in "The Battle Begins!!"

Gido (ギド, Gido) is one of the three fighters who challenge Gon and Killua on the 200th floor of the Heavens Arena.[2]


Gido's 2011 anime adaptation design

Gido's 1999 anime adaptation design

Gido's manga appearance

Gido is a man who lost the lower half of his body in his first Heavens Arena fight, and had it replaced with a metal prosthetic peg leg. He supports himself with a wooden cane. He wears a red robe and conical hat from his torso up, and a breathing mask underneath it. His face has never been seen, as he has never entered the ring without his outfit and conical hat.


Gido has a ruthless personality, resorting even to kidnapping and blackmailing to get his way. He is intent on becoming a Floor Master in order to live off the money and fame of the rank despite lacking the necessary strength, for which reason he only fights opponents weaker than himself. He seems to be rather sadistic, cackling when Gon rescinded his Ten and declaring himself willing to fulfill his death wish.


At some point in his life, Gido reached the 200th floor of the Heavens Arena without knowing Nen. He was thus "initiated" by an opponent whose malicious aura attack deprived him of his legs. Prior to fighting Gon and Killua, he totalized four wins and one loss, never losing after his injury.[2]


Heavens Arena arc

Gido defeating Gon

When Gon and Killua learn how to use Nen and reach the 200th floor, Riehlvelt, Gido, and Sadaso confront them, waiting for them to register[3] to pick them as their next opponents. He is designated as Gon's challenger for the following day, May 11th. When the match begins, he launches ten of his Nen-enhanced tops at the boy with Battle Waltz,[2] rapidly scoring six points. Gon is launched out of the ring and realizes the tops are not targeting him specifically, so he rushes at Gido, who however sends him crashing out of bounds with Tornado Top. He is surprised when Gon enters a state of Ten and mocks him, but, to his shock, the boy becomes capable of dodging his tops.[4] The battle continues like that for over an hour, with Gido adding almost forty tops, until Gon takes a false step and is hit, breaking his arm in the process. Gido wins the match.[5]

Gido defeated by Gon

When, two months later, Gon has recovered from their fight and has begun training under Wing again, Gido, Sadaso, and Riehlvelt confront the boys again, but Gon refuses to fight before June 10th.[6] To force his hand, they kidnap Zushi, but immediately run into Killua, who accepts to give each of them a free win. They set Zushi free, but, against Killua's terms, Gido leaves one of Zushi's shoes in front of Gon's door and phones the boy to blackmail him into arranging a fight against each of them. Killua discovers the fraud, and, on May 29th, the day of his match against Sadaso, threatens to kill him if he does not leave the Heavens Arena.[7] Sadaso obeys and phones Riehlvelt, informing him of his suspicion that Killua is an assassin. Riehlvelt insists on not giving up, speculating Killua did not come to him because he does not know his ability. Killua, however, reveals to be in the room with him and Gido, stating that is not the case and proving he can surprise them anytime. When he leaves, the two resolve to fight fair and square.[8]

On June 4th, Gon has his rematch against Gido, who uses Tornado Top right off the bat, thinking to himself Gon will be unable to snag him with his fishing rod. He initially appears to be right when the hook bounces off him, but Gon capsizes the flagstone he is spinning on, flooring him. The boy is immediately on top of Gido, who tries to surrender, but Gon snaps his metal peg leg in two with one punch and warns him he will be merciless should they take Zushi hostage again. Unable to continue, Gido loses the match.[8] Five days later, Gido loses to Killua by default.[9]


Gido's Dancing Tops

Dancing Tops (()(とう)()()()()()()()(), Butō Goma—lit. "Dance-battle Spinning Tops"): Gido's main weapon is a set of spinning tops which he infuses with his aura. He normally deploys 10 at once,[2] but he has as many as 50.[5] According to Wing, he probably feels great personal affinity with them, which improves their response to his aura.[4]

Abilities & Powers

In the past, Gido must have been a capable martial artist, having reached the 200th floor of the Heavens Arena without knowing Nen[2] and without the use of weapons.[10] His fighting style is centered on his Nen abilities and capitalizes on the restrictions in place at the Heavens Arena. He has a good sense of balance, moving around using only one peg leg and a cane, and he is so accustomed to spinning at tremendous speed he does not suffer any backlash from it.[4] However, after his injury he fought only opponents new to Nen, declaring himself to be rather weak,[2] and in fact he was easily defeated by Gon when he had only mastered three of the Four Major Principles.[8]


Gido is an Enhancer.[1] He is proficient in two, if not three, Nen categories, and is capable of utilizing at least Ten, Shu, and Hatsu.[4] One of his main Nen abilities, which involves Manipulation, consists in infusing his tops with his aura[2] and giving them the command to attack anything within range after being spun. The orders cannot be complex, but due to their size and heightening their rotational forces, Gido can keep the tops spinning for hours.[4] Each one of them is as powerful as a sledgehammer,[2] but they are fragile enough that they broke upon coming in contact with Gon's Ren.[8] Since he is able to maintain aura around them when he is no longer in contact with them,[2][4][5] it seems that he is also an Emission user.

Gido's Nen Type: Enhancement
Type: Enhancement and Manipulation[1] Battle Waltz (戦闘円舞曲(戦いのワルツ) Combat Dance)
Battle waltz.png Gido throws his Dancing Tops that surround the enemy and attack them from every side. Since spinning tops are not complex objects themselves, it is not possible to assign any order beyond simple instructions. Gido gets around this by telling the spinning tops to attack anything around themselves indiscriminately,[4] seemingly except for himself. Coincidentally, and to Gido's advantage, it also makes the movement of the spinning tops very unpredictable. He usually starts a fight by launching 10 Dancing Tops,[2] but can control nearly as many as 50.[5]
Type: Enhancement Tornado Top (竜巻独楽(たつまきごま), Tatsumaki Goma)
Gido tornado top.png Gido spins himself atop his peg leg while enveloped in aura for both offensive and defensive purposes, repelling an opponent with great force if they come in contact with him. It is considered his most powerful attack, which he uses to protect himself while his tops take care of the opponent.[4]
Type: Enhancement and Manipulation[1] Shotgun Blues (散弾独楽哀歌(ショットガンブルース) Shotgun Top Lamentations)
Shotgun blues.png While using Tornado Top, Gido throws multiple spinning tops in rapid succession that directly attack the enemy with great speed. Different to his Battle Waltz, all of the spinning tops released for this ability target the opponent directly, making them harder to avoid.[8]


  • Heavens Arena arc:
    • Gido vs. Heavens Arena fighters below the 200th floor (Past)[2]
    • Gido vs. Heavens Arena 200th floor fighter (Past)[4]
    • Gido vs. Heavens Arena 200th floor fighter (Past)[4]
    • Gido vs. Heavens Arena 200th floor fighter (Past)[4]
    • Gido vs. Heavens Arena 200th floor fighter (Past)[4]
    • Gido vs. Gon Freecss[2][4][5]
    • Gido vs. Gon Freecss[8]
    • Gido vs. Killua Zoldyck*[9]


  • Gido, Riehlvelt, and Sadaso all have developed Nen abilities related to the injury they suffered during their Baptism. In Gido's case, Tornado Top makes use of his peg leg to allow him to spin.[4]

Anime and Manga Differences

  • In Nippon Animation's adaptation, Gido has both legs intact.[11]

Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag.png Arabic جيدو (Ghido)
France Flag.png French Guido
South Korea Flag.png Korean 기드 (Gideu)


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