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"I'm enjoying the journey. So if your destination is the same as mine, enjoy the side trips. A lot. Something more important than the thing you're hunting could be right there by the side of the road."

— Ging Freecss to Gon, in "Stillness"

Ging Freecss (ジン゠フリークス, Jin Furīkusu) is the father of Gon Freecss. He is a Double-Star Ruins Hunter[2] (though he can apply for a Triple-Star License),[3] and a former Zodiac[4] with the codename "Boar" ((), I).[5] Finding Ging was Gon's motivation for becoming a Hunter.[6]


Ging seems to be a short individual, being only a bit taller than his son. He shares Gon's hazel eyes and has stubble and black, spiky hair. During his introduction, Ging wears a visor with cloth around it on his head, with some locks of hair sticking out from the cloth. He wears plain, baggy white pants and a long-sleeve shirt. On top of that, he has a slip-on-head cloth that looks like a tank top and stretches down to his waist, hanging all the way down to the knees without covering the sides of his legs. He fastens that cloth with a black, belt-like band of cloth around his waist and dons a normal, blue-gray scarf wrapped around his neck and long, skinny black crew boots.


Ging Greed Island

Ging changing Wdwune's name to "Dwun"

Ging has a shy and stubborn personality, to the point that he only wants Gon to meet him alone and claims that it would be cowardly of Gon to bring a friend to meet him, causing one of his friends to wonder if he is afraid of crowds. Based on his actions at the election to ensure that Netero's is carried out, he seems to respect the late Chairman considerably. Ging is also rather volatile, yet extremely intelligent. In spite of his ability to make flawless plans years in advance, he occasionally acts without knowing why, surprising even himself.

According to his friends, Ging has a childlike enthusiasm, going on about a game he created.[7] He is also somewhat dismissive, having changed Dwun's name without his consent and refusing to offer an explanation to Elena.[8] Nonetheless, his charm would draw more colleagues later in his life. Ging also admires people who rely on their own capabilities to achieve their goals (as his challenges to Gon and Kite prove) and show passion in what they do. In fact, Ging is, above all, an enthusiastic Hunter. He is always after something, no matter how impossible it seems, but aside from the goal, it is the quest that he enjoys.[9]

Due to his carefree and eccentric nature, most people often consider Ging to be a bad father to Gon. This might be due to his apparent lack of care when Gon was dying and never visiting him in the hospital. His indifference to his son's state caused the Hunters during the election to insult and chastise him.[10] Despite all this, Ging cares greatly for Gon in his own way; he sent Gon through onerous tasks to strengthen himself rather than using parental guidance. However, at the same time, it is also implied that Ging cannot handle the responsibility as a hands-on father to his son.[1][11]


Young Ging & Mito - Episode 37 2011

Ging and Mito in their childhood

Ging is the only grandson of Gon's great-grandmother. He and Mito are cousins. Ging left Whale Island to take the 267th Hunter Exam not long before turning 12. Right after his departure, Mito's parents died in an accident while on vacation, and his own father was lost at sea.[1] He was the only examinee to pass the 267th Hunter Exam.[2] Ging returned to Whale Island ten years afterward with a two-year-old Gon. He intended to leave Gon with his grandmother for a while, telling her that he and Gon's mother had separated.[1] However, Mito thought that he wasn’t fit to take care of Gon and got custody. After becoming a licensed Hunter, Ging devoted himself to excavating and preserving archaeological ruins. He used his fortune to preserve and restore ruins so everyone could see them. His achievements are now considered an exemplary model of archeological management throughout the world.[12]

Young Ging Freecss

A young Ging on Greed Island

Ging has become very rich and is as powerful as a president of a country. He is currently a Double-Star Hunter and qualifies for a Triple-Star License, but because of his shyness and stubbornness, has not applied for one.[3][13] However, he has remained a mysterious figure, and information about him is classified.[2] Ging is also the main creator of the Nen-based game Greed Island. Chairman Netero once told Biscuit that Ging was one of the five best Nen users in the world.[14] After Netero's death, it is revealed that Ging is one of twelve Hunters (called the Zodiacs) who were hand-picked by the former Chairman, putting them in charge of the election for a new Chairman. They were all given code names based on the signs of the Chinese zodiac, with Ging being known as the "Boar".[15]


Hunter Exam arc

Letting out a sigh, Mito signs the Hunter Exam application for Gon before returning home, with Gon thanking her and happily running in the opposite direction. Inside their house, Mito is left distraught with her hands over her face as an old woman looks at a picture of Ging in front of a motorcycle and says that blood will tell. Mito then slams her fists down on the table and points out that she never told Gon that his father was a Hunter and that Gon never asked, wondering why he is so eager to become one as well. The old woman replies that while it wasn't a big secret, it doesn't matter why, and that she knew the day would come, adding that she can tell by the gleam in his eyes how much determination Gon has.[6]

HxH2011 EP1 Ging's photo

A photograph of Ging in Gon's house

In a flashback to three years earlier, Gon encounters Kite, who, after seeing a determined gleam in his eyes, asks Gon if his father was named Ging. After Gon puts down the foxbear cub and asks him if he knows his father, the man reveals that his father is the reason he's there on the island, explaining that he came to his birthplace looking for leads. The two sit down on a log, and the man tells Gon that he is a Hunter named Kite. He explains that Ging is his teacher and that his final test involves finding him. He continues by saying that there's no other Hunter like Ging and that he would've died long ago if he hadn't met him. As the two continue to happily talk, Kite assures Gon that Ging is alive and that his aunt only wanted to protect him by not telling him the truth. He tells Gon that blood tells and that he can easily see that he is Ging's son, finally adding that all good Hunters get along well with animals before taking his leave.[6]

After sprinting back home, Gon finds Mito drinking before she quickly asks him when he leaves. Gon’s reply is the first of next week, and Mito understands that he knew his father's profession all along. She then asks him if he knows that Ging left him with her when he was still a baby, wondering if he still plans to leave. However, Gon unexpectedly replies that being a Hunter must be so important that family comes second. With Mito quickly turning around to look at him and her glass crashing, Gon smiles and adds that weaklings aren't able to become Hunters. Taken aback by Gon’s comments, Mito storms off and says that he really is Ging's son, slamming the door to her room. Gon cleans up the spilled drink and apologizes to Mito internally, but repeats that he is Ging's son. He then remembers Kite's words about passing Ging's final test and that Ging is unlike any other Hunter.[6]

With Gon intent on finding his father, the day of his departure arrives and he makes his way to the harbor. One of the townspeople gives him a gift, and another tells him to take care of himself. Mito suddenly appears at the dock, and Gon happily runs toward her, thanking her for everything. Mito quickly apologizes before telling Gon that she lied about Ging abandoning him, revealing that she made Ging give him up. Gon replies that he guessed it was the case and, as Mito embraces him, that she never looks him in the eye when she lies. Once Gon is aboard the ship, it's stated that his journey to find his father and become a Hunter has begun.[6]

1 - Captain

The captain realizing that Gon is Ging's son

During their journey the captain finds Gon standing at the ship's bow and staring at the sea and birds around him. Gon suddenly says that a big storm is coming, and the captain wonders why he thinks that. Gon then describes the wind as warm and salty, also pointing out that the seacranes are giving warning calls. The captain asks in disbelief if he can understand birds, and Gon replies that he can a little. The captain is suddenly left speechless as the boy reminds him of Ging standing in a similar position on the ship. He then asks Gon if he left from Whale Island, and once it's confirmed, he asks about his father's trade. Gon confidently replies that his father is a Hunter and that while he has never met him, he has heard that he's the best. Realizing that the day has finally come, the captain asks Gon to tell him about the storm's size and when it will arrive. Gon replies that it's twice as large and turbulent as the previous one and that they will reach it in around three hours. The captain chuckles at Gon's correct answer and offers to show him how to steer a ship, leading him to the helm. He explains that he should start learning how to work a ship since the best Hunters can handle nearly anything.[16]

With Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio gathered together, the captain asks them why they want to become Hunters, but Leorio quickly speaks up and wonders why he wants to know. Before the captain can reply, Gon energetically says that his father is a Hunter and he wants to follow in his footsteps. Leorio tells him to show some solidarity with them, but Gon wonders why they're so reluctant.[16]

During the First Phase of the 287th Hunter Exam, Gon and Killua are seen at the front of the group right behind Satotz. Killua explains that climbing slowly will tire a person out more quickly, wondering if the rest of the exam will be as tedious and boring. Gon then asks him why he wants to become a Hunter, and Killua reveals that he doesn't, explaining that he's only interested in the exam because he heard it was difficult. He expresses his disappointment with the First Phase and asks Gon the same question. Gon replies that his father is a Hunter and that he wants to be just like him. Killua asks what his father is like, but when Gon honestly replies that he doesn't know, Killua is left surprised at first and then laughs as he calls Gon weird.[3]

4 - Gon and Killua

Gon telling Killua about Ging

Gon explains that he has been raised by his aunt since he was a baby and that he has only seen a picture of his father. He then tells Killua that he eventually met a man named Kite, who told him a lot about his father. Kite had recounted many of Ging's accomplishments such as discovering the Lurka Ruins, establishing a breeding program for the Two-headed Wolf, excavating the Congo Gold Vein, and eliminating the Kute Gang of Thieves. He had also mentioned that Ging could be a Triple-Star Hunter if he actually wanted to apply for the rank. It's then explained that Triple-Star is the highest rank among Hunters, with less than ten in the world and strict requirements such as achievements with global ramifications or important historical discoveries. Killua wonders if his father is really that amazing, and Gon stresses that Kite seemed prouder of him than he did of himself, happily explaining that it's why he wants to follow in his father's footsteps.[3]

After passing the exam and receiving his Hunter License from Satotz, Gon asks what kind of Hunter he is, and Satotz replies that he restores and preserves ruins. He explains that while he used to excavate for the fame, a certain other Hunter showed him what it really meant to be a Ruins Hunter, using his own money for restorations and public facilities that focused on preservation. He adds that the Hunter's system has been adopted across the world as the standard for archeological management. He then reveals that he has never met the Hunter, considering him his role model and determined to thank him if he ever does meet him. He tells Gon to visit the Lurka Ruins if he wants to see one of the man's achievements, and Gon perks up at the mention of them, happily saying that he will.[12]

21 - Satotz and Gon

Satotz telling Gon about Ging

After Pokkle takes his leave, Leorio wonders if it's time for them to leave as well, but Gon spots Satotz walking down the hallway and gets his attention. Catching up to him, Gon pulls a card from his pocket and asks if he knows what it is, explaining that someone he knows dropped it and guessing that it's a Hunter License. After examining it, Satotz confirms that it's a license for a Double-Star Hunter, telling himself that it looks real. He then flips the license around and appears stunned, asking Gon if he knows the person who dropped it. Gon replies that the man called himself Kite, but Satotz reveals that the license was awarded to a Hunter named Ging, leaving Gon surprised. Satotz points to the certification number and explains that the last three digits match the exam for that year. Gon sees that his license has "287" for the 287th Hunter Exam, and Satotz shows the "267" on Ging's license, revealing that he was the only examinee to pass the 267th Hunter Exam.[2]

When Gon asks Satotz if he knows anything about Ging, Satotz reveals that he was the Hunter who inspired him and excavated the Lurka Ruins. However, he explains that when he tried to learn more about him, he couldn't find anything else, calling Ging a mystery and telling Gon that surfing for him might be a good start. Gon awkwardly says that he will give it a try, and Satotz adds that the results will give him a good idea of his status. As Gon holds the license in his hand and excitedly tells himself that Kite left it for him, Satotz wonders if Gon can let him know how to contact Kite. Gon replies that while he owes him a debt, he isn't sure how to find him, promising to ask if he sees him again.[2]

In a small Internet café, Gon asks Kurapika if he can also search for Ging, and Kurapika finds several Gings listed on the Hunter index. Gon tells him that Ging's last name is Freecss, and Kurapika is shocked to see that the information is locked behind a "designated top secret" screen. He explains that his name has to be entered into a database of confidential members, which is only possible for someone who has the authority of a national executive and an enormous personal fortune. Leorio can't believe how important Gon's father is, and Gon is also left intrigued as he stares at the screen and remembers Satotz's words about Ging's status.[2]

Yorknew City arc

After journeying to Whale Island, Gon and Killua spend time with Mito before making their way to a nearby forest. Killua asks Gon what he plans to do next, and Gon replies that he will spend August on the island, collect information, and then start his search for Ging in Yorknew City. The two continue to talk, and Gon asks Killua if he has fun when they're together. After Killua says that he does, Gon tells him that they should stay together and see the world, which would allow him (Gon) to find his father and give Killua the chance to find what he wants to do with his life. Gon assures him that it will be fun, and Killua agrees to tag along until he finds something to do.[17]


Ging finding Mito when they were younger

Killua suddenly realizes that Gon never mentions his mother, and Gon says that since Mito raised him like her own son, he feels bad asking about his biological mother. He adds that if he hadn't met Kite, he probably wouldn't have tried to learn about Ging, with Killua assuring Gon that he likely would have become a Hunter anyway. Gon says that he was told his parents both died in a car accident, but after learning from Kite that his father was alive, he assumed that his mother was the one who had actually died. He clarifies that Mito will always be his real mother, so he doesn't feel the need to ask about what happened.[17]

The next morning, while Killua makes the beds and Gon puts away dishes, Mito approaches Gon and asks him how long he plans to stay. Gon says around a month, and Mito then asks if he plans to look for Ging once he leaves. After Gon excitedly answers yes, Mito leaves the room and returns with a strange box that she sets on the table. She explains to Gon that Ging left it with her and told her to give it to him once he became a Hunter. With Gon taken aback that his father had left something for him, Mito says that she will tell him everything she knows about Ging.[17]

Mito begins by telling Gon that Ging is her cousin and that she was always trying to keep up with him, especially since he took the Hunter Exam before he turned 12 (just as Gon did). She remembers when Ging told her that he was leaving to become a Hunter because there was something he wanted. The two had a fight because Ging wouldn't tell her what it was, and he left the island before she could see him again.[1]

37 - Mito

Mito revealing the box left behind by Ging

Mito's grandmother enters the room carrying drinks and says that Ging is the only son of her eldest son and Mito the only daughter of her second son. She then reveals that Mito's parents were the ones who died in an accident. Mito adds that they were on vacation when it happened, and Ging's father was also lost at sea after that. She tells Gon that she doesn't know anything about his mother, saying that Ging returned ten years later carrying a baby in his arms. Mito's grandmother says that Ging asked her if she could take care of his son for a while, and she asked in reply where the boy's mother was, with Ging only answering that they had broken up. However, she says that right as she was about to agree to take care of him, Mito criticized Ging so loudly that everyone on the island could hear her.[1]

Mito says that she didn't think Ging was fit to be a parent, and so took custody of Gon, screaming at Ging to never come back. She returns to the box left by Ging, and Mito's grandmother reminds her granddaughter how many times she threw it away. Mito tells Gon that that's all she knows about Ging and that the box is the only thing he left behind. An enthusiastic Gon asks Mito to tell him more, especially about when Ging was a kid. He feels odd calling Ging by his name, but says that it seemed more natural. Mito says that she and Ging were the only kids on the island, but Ging was always wanting to go off on his own. Mito's grandmother adds that Mito would follow Ging into the mountains, and everyone would panic when Ging came back alone. She says that even though everyone would go looking for her, Ging was always the one to find her. Because of her young age at the time, Mito wonders if that's how it was, then telling Gon about the time they went out on a boat.[1]

Gon using Nen to open the box

Gon using Nen to open the box

The next day, Gon shows the box to Killua, who wonders how to open it. Even though Gon tells him that he already tried to force it open, Killua tries his hardest to pry it open but to no avail. After he worries about smashing it since they don't know what's inside, he shakes it but doesn't hear anything move around. He realizes that Ging told Mito to give it to Gon only after he became a Hunter, asking Gon what he has now that he didn't have before. Gon proudly pulls out his license, but can't find a slot for it. Killua says that he meant Nen, and after Gon surrounds the box with aura, it suddenly lights up and breaks apart into several pieces, revealing another box that was inside.[1]

Killua picks up one of the steel sticks and notices the familiar markings, with Gon also realizing that they are the same as the ones on the thread that Wing wrapped around Gon's finger. Killua wonders how to open the second box, and Gon's initial idea to use his license proves successful as he inserts it into the slot. The two find three items inside: a ring, a cassette tape, and a memory card. They notice that the ring has the same markings inside its band, and Killua advises Gon against putting the ring on for now. They decide to listen to the tape, and as Gon gets a cassette player, Killua tells him to set it to record just in case. After Gon hits play, Ging's voice is heard and he says that Gon must have become a Hunter if he is listening to the tape. He then says that he has one question to ask: does Gon want to see him?[1]

Ging asks if Gon wants to see him, continue listening and if he doesn't, simply stop the tape. With Gon deciding to continue listening, Ging then asks if he's sure since Hunters are selfish people and abandon everything to acquire the things that they want, telling Gon to stop the tape if he just thinks that it would be "nice" to see him. Gon continues to listen, and Ging says that he must really want to see him, but stresses that the feeling isn't mutual. He adds that he doesn't know how he would face him since he gave up being a father to be what he really is, which he admits is quite selfish. He says that it will be at least 10 years before Gon actually listens to the tape, but emphasizes that the one thing that will never change is that he will always be the person he is.[11]

38 - Ging

Ging adventuring somewhere in the world

Elsewhere, Ging is seen riding a large reptilian creature, which itself is riding a larger dragon-like creature. As the latter takes flight, the recording of Ging says that he's probably off on an adventure somewhere, telling Gon to come find him if he still wants to see him. He adds that if he hears Gon coming, he will do his best to elude him, reminding Gon that he is indeed a Hunter now. As Gon smiles with excitement, Killua stops Gon from stopping the tape after he realizes that Ging is still there. Ging's voice returns and says that the last thing is about Gon's mother. He tells his son to keep listening if he wants to know, and before he can tell him to stop the tape if he doesn't, Gon does just that without hesitation. Killua says that Ging may have given some clues, but Gon replies that his gut told him otherwise, also reminding Killua that he considers Mito his mother.[11]

Gon goes to leave the room and says that they should get something to eat, but Killua suddenly notices that the tape is rewinding itself. As aura surrounds the stereo, Killua is in disbelief that Nen is involved, realizing that Ging must have imbued it ten years ago so that it started to rewind once the tape was stopped. The tape suddenly begins to record, and Killua says that Ging is trying to erase his own voice. After Gon unplugging the stereo still doesn't work, Killua tries and fails to destroy it with a punch, realizing that the Nen is protecting it. The two play the tape and hear themselves trying to stop it from recording over Ging's message. Killua says that the backup tape was also erased and that Ging wanted to make sure that no one could analyze his voice, especially with a Nen ability.[11]

Killua calls Milluki about the game Greed Island, and Milluki says that his second lead involves the Yorknew auction, revealing that dozens of copies will reportedly be auctioned off. He guesses that someone had been hoarding the copies, and Killua quickly ends the conversation, telling his brother that he will send the memory card using their usual way. Killua apologizes to Gon for promising to give Milluki the memory card, but Gon is fine with the exchange. He goes to use his license on his computer, but Killua quickly warns him that if his IP address got out, people would come to Whale Island looking for the license. He tells Gon that they have to use public computers and reminds him that they still need the URL. He also tells Gon about someone auctioning off numerous copies of the game, and Gon thinks that it could be Ging. Holding the memory card in his hand, Gon realizes that they still need a lot more money to get a copy and wonders what kind of game Greed Island could be if it's worth billions.[18]

Greed Island arc

In Battera's Castle, after Tsezguerra assures him that he will end up in the same place as the others, Gon decides to use the memory card and ring that Ging left for him. Before entering Greed Island, he thinks about Ging and the game he created, and even though he isn't sure what lies ahead, he trusts his father and knows this was his message.[19]

60 - Gon

Gon listening to Ging's message

Gon enters the game's Starting Point and walks down a hallway, eventually meeting Eta. She immediately welcomes him to Greed Island and asks if he is Gon, which he confirms. Before they start, she tells Gon that Ging has left a voice message for him. Ging congratulates Gon and tells him that he is in a game that he (Ging) and his friends created, adding that Gon shouldn't expect any clues to find his location and that he just wanted to show off the game they made. Ging also tells him that he won't be able to leave the game until he finds a special item, and Gon wonders if the only thing Ging wanted to do was show off the game.[20] After Killua enters Greed Island, Gon says that Ging only left behind a message telling him to enjoy the game.[21]

After he rejects Nickes' offer, Gon tells Killua that he didn't like how the players were describing Ging's game as one of slaughter, adding that he's decided to just enjoy the game as Ging told him.[22] After meeting Biscuit, Gon asks her why she came to Greed Island, and she replies that it was obviously for the reward, but also because she is searching for a rare gem that only exists in the game: Blue Planet. Gon says that they came to clear the game as well, but he adds that his father and his father's friends created the game. He tells her that he's looking for him and gives his father's name. Biscuit immediately recognizes it and remembers Netero telling her that Ging is among the top five Nen users in the world.[14]

As Gon chases a Hyper Puffball, Biscuit praises the game's creators for guaranteeing that a player will get stronger as long as they do things in the intended order. As she realizes that Ging's sole reason for creating the game was to train his son, Gon catches the creature by the tail and happily collects its card.[23]

69 - Razor

Razor realizing that Gon is Ging's son

Gon continues to grapple with the fact that the game is taking place in reality, and both Killua and Biscuit never considered it either. Razor bounces the ball on the floor to get their attention and says that it doesn't make much difference, but Gon eagerly asks if Ging is on the island. Goreinu wonders who he's talking about, but the name immediately gets Razor's attention. As he guesses that Gon must be Ging's son, his aura suddenly spikes around him and, putting on an ominous smile, he says that Ging told him not to go easy on him when he arrived. Gon is frightened at first, but becomes excited and puts on an anxious smile.[24]

During the dodgeball match, Gon says to himself that he needs more power and suddenly expands his Ren even more as it billows around his body. Tsezguerra is frightened by the display of power, and Razor realizes that his last use wasn't his strongest. As Gon gives a sly smile, Razor says to himself that Gon is a monster, adding that Ging can be proud of his son's strength.[25] With one of his shoes split open, Razor approaches Gon and Killua and says that he and his pirates will leave the town now. Both Gon and Killua forgot that that was the goal of the quest, but before leaving, Razor says that he will answer Gon's questions about Ging, causing Gon's eyes to widen with surprise.[26] Razor starts by revealing that Ging isn't on Greed Island and that he doesn't know where he is. Although he seems disappointed, Gon states that he figured as much. Razor then offers to tell him some old stories, and Gon is eager to hear them.[7]

Ging & Razor In The Past

Ging talking with Razor

To Gon's shock, Razor reveals that he's also a death row convict and has killed as many people as Bopobo did. He says that Ging caught him and put him in jail, but after his sentence, Ging hired him and brought him to the island. He reflects on Ging's kindness, saying that he taught him that if a single person in the world believes in you, you can be redeemed. A flashback to a younger Ging, who tells Razor that his son will come to Greed Island one day. He orders Razor not to hold back and to use everything he has. The younger Razor chuckles and asks if it's okay to kill him, but Ging smirks and tells him not to underestimate the boy since he's his son. He pats Razor on the shoulder and says that he's counting on him.[7]

Back in the present, Razor holds his own hand to his shoulder and says that he thought Ging was crazy for talking about a game for hours and then hiring a convict to fight his son. Razor then remembers when he was a boy himself, with various people talking down to him and calling him everything but his name. He remembers Ging's use of his name and his words of encouragement, saying that he envied Gon. He tells him that it felt like the first time someone had called him by his name before. Finally, he says that he believed in Gon just as Ging had, assuring Gon that he went all out during the match. Gon points out that he only won because of the help from his teammates, and Razor praises their teamwork. As he turns to walk away, Razor says that he hopes Gon can see Ging one day, and Gon enthusiastically thanks him.[7]

Ging Greed Island

Ging changing Wdwune's name to "Dwun"

After Gon clears the game and travels to Limeiro, Dwun eventually tells him that he won't find any clues about Ging in the castle or the town. He begins to playfully poke fun at Gon, who assures him that he wasn't expecting his father to be in the castle or even on the island. List explains that he and Dwun are friends of Ging's, adding that their group of 11 created Greed Island and used all the initials of their first names to form the title (and since Ging was the lead designer, he wanted a word that started with "g"). Dwun says that they can talk further and asks Gon if he wants to hear anything about Ging. Gon is eager to listen, but Dwun suddenly says that Ging is an unbelievable jerk. He asks Gon how he thinks his name is spelled, and Gon guesses that it starts with a "d". Dwun says that it's what most people think, but it used to have a silent "w" and was spelled "Wdwune." However, when he told Ging that his name was spelled that way, Ging simply told him to take the "w" off and said that his name would be "Dwun" from now on. As Dwun continues to rant about Ging changing his name just for a game, List adds that Ging actually got it legally changed in less than a minute.[27]

In Limeiro, the thousands of residents celebrate Gon's victory as the three are paraded around the town. After they eat, drink and sing, the three find a quiet place to talk and Biscuit asks him if he learned anything about Ging. Gon replies that even List and Dwun don't know where he is, and Killua reminds Gon that Ging left that message for him when he started playing the game.[27]

Gon uses "gain" on "Paladin's Necklace" and holds the "Plot of Beach" card in front of it, causing it to transform into an "Accompany" card. He and Killua celebrate that it worked and explain that they used "Clone" to transform the "Accompany" card into a specified slot card. Biscuit is impressed that he was willing to take the risk, but Gon says that he was sure it would work since he was the first to enter the game. He explains that while Goreinu was the first person he met inside the game, a player named "Nigg" was at the top of his players list. He thinks back to his time with Kurapika and Leorio when they looked up information on Ging. He guesses that "Nigg" is an anagram Ging used and that his father brought him to the game when he was a baby.[8]

76 - Ging asks Elena a favor

Ging asking Elena for a favor

Biscuit is again impressed by Gon's determination, also adding that Ging's intention was for Gon to grow stronger and clear the game so that he could meet up with him. She asks Gon what he will say to Ging first, and Gon replies that he will introduce Killua as his best friend. Killua is left embarrassed and tells him to cut it out, but Biscuit begins to sob and can't believe that she was planning to ruin their friendship when she first met them. The two land near a body of water and find a shrouded figure sitting on the base of a tree and fishing. Gon wonders if it's Ging, and the person seems to recognize Gon, but it's revealed to be Kite once he removes his coat. He points out how big Gon has gotten and asks him what he's doing there. Kite explains that Ging took him inside the game one time, but he says that he forgets what name he used and that it's possible Ging had set up something like that.[8]

Back in Greed Island, Elena wonders if Ging made the right decision as she remembers him telling her to set it so that Gon will travel to him if he uses "Magnetic Force" and to Kite if he uses "Accompany." She asks him why he wanted it that way, and Ging replies that he is willing to see Gon if he comes alone, not if he's a wimp that needs to have friends with him constantly. Elena again questions his decision, but Ging adamantly orders her to do it. Back in the present, Elena feels bad for Gon and comments on how grumpy Ging was. Gon learns that Kite has already found Ging, and Kite says that he can call himself a real Hunter now. He asks Gon if he wants to know where Ging is, but Gon is adamant about finding him himself. Kite praises Gon's answer and the three continue to talk while sitting around the fire.[8]

Chimera Ant arc

Gon tells Kite that he dropped Ging's Hunter License when they first met on Whale Island. He says that he placed the license in his safe deposit box, alongside his own, in Yorknew City, which is quite far from their current location within the Kakin Empire. Kite tells Gon to hang on to the license and to give it back to Ging when they finally meet.[28]

Ging - 136

Ging arriving at the Hunter Association headquarters

The video message from Netero is shown, with him announcing his resignation as Chairman and declaring that an election will decide his successor. The only condition he gives is that all Hunters must vote, and if there isn't a 95% turnout, the results are to be ignored and a revote called. Lastly, he says the details will be handled by the Zodiacs, estimating the mission's difficulty level to be "D" and waving goodbye. Eleven individuals are then shown standing outside the Association's headquarters, among whom is Ging.[29]

13th Hunter Chairman Election arc

As one of the Zodiacs and out of respect for Netero, Ging is called in to help decide the rules for the election of the new Chairman. Saiyu jokes about how Ging actually showed up when he usually never does for these types of meetings. Vice Chairman Pariston shows up late, which annoys most of the Zodiacs except Ging. Pariston puts himself up as a candidate for the position and suggests not to have an election anymore, which angers the Zodiacs. Ginta threatens to kill Pariston because of his brash attitude, while Ging keeps his cool and analyzes the situation. Ging then announces his candidacy and states that he will continue Netero's legacy.[5]

The rest of the Zodiacs doubt the motive behind Ging's candidacy, stating that they want neither Pariston nor Ging for the position. Pariston then brings up Gon's near-death condition in the discussion, stating that he will pay him a visit, which Ging counters by stating that Gon won't die easily and he trusts that his son will survive the ordeal. Cheadle brings up the idea that the rules for the election should be decided by drawing lots, and everyone agrees. The Zodiacs then proceed to write down their own rules on a piece of paper and have Beans pick one at random. The draw turns out to be Ging's rules. It is later revealed that two days prior to the Zodiacs' meeting, Ging conspired with Beans by giving him a set of rules for the Chairman election. Based on his analysis of each Zodiac's personality, Ging was able to deduce the outcome of the meeting beforehand.[5][15]

Having met all the conditions set by Ging, Beans picked his set of rules (unknown to the other Zodiacs):

  1. Every single Hunter is a candidate and a voter.
  2. If the candidate with the most votes hasn't received the majority of the votes, the candidates will be reduced to 16. If the latter rule is still not met, the candidates will be reduced by half until there's a winner.
  3. If voter turnout is less than 95%, the election should be re-processed.
  4. All voters must write their names on their vote. All nameless votes will be considered null and void.
  5. Ging will be the chairman of the election committee. (This rule is a bluff so that the others will accept his first four rules.)

The fifth rule is changed as suggested by Pariston, to which Ging agrees and which aggravates the other Zodiacs.[15]

A close up of Leorio punching Ging

Leorio hitting Ging with his "Remote Punch"

When Hisoka arrives to vote, he asks the Zodiacs if Ging is there since he wants to talk to him. Pyon tells him that he will be back for the revote, and Hisoka is left disappointed. Ging gets 15th place in the first round of the 13th Hunter Chairman Election and with the voting rate only at 87.7%, the conditions are not met so a re-election has to be held.[15] The conditions are also not met for the second round[30] and third round, and it is unknown what place Ging ranked in either.[31] At a conference, the Zodiacs talk to the Association about voting for the new Chairman. When they open it up for questions, Leorio asks him why he hasn't gone to see Gon when everyone else has. They get into an argument that ends when Leorio punches the table near him, breaking it and causing a black portal to appear. Another black portal appears under Ging with a fist popping out that punches him in the face. This allows the fourth round to finally fulfill the third rule and in it, Ging lands in 16th place.[32] Killua watches the video of Leorio punching Ging and the Hunters giving a standing ovation, wondering if they hate Gon's father. In Hisoka's metaphorical box of toys, a doll of Ging can be seen.[33] However, Ging is eliminated in the fifth round where he landed in 13th place. When interviewed to give a speech, he uses a stuffed panda in his place.[34]

Ging next appears in conversation with Cheadle and explains how to defeat Pariston. He tells her that Pariston isn't interested in winning or losing and that the election is only a game to him. When Cheadle asks him what will happen if things continue as they are, Ging answers that after the eighth round, only she and Pariston will remain, but in the next one on one election Pariston will lower the voting percentage by exerting his influence on the Temp Hunters to get them to abstain from voting. Ging says that Pariston will play around until the "day of reckoning".[35]

Ging then proclaims that out of the four remaining candidates left, the one who carries on Netero's will is Pariston. This angers Cheadle who says she only wants him to tell her when the "day of reckoning" will be. Ging starts by saying that the day Netero blew himself up, 100 large Hunter Association airships headed into the Republic of East Gorteau and that this wasn't recorded by the books. The airships picked up around 5,000 hybrid cocoons that the Chimera Ants had left around and that every single one of them can use Nen, adding that they have all probably hatched by now. He says that Pariston wants to play with them and deduces that the "day of reckoning" is the day of the new Hunter Exam, but guesses that the situation could change depending on how one interprets the Hunter Bylaws.[35]

When the election's eighth round is about to begin, Pyon asks the Hunters to stay until the election is decided, with the Zodiacs blocking all the exits and Ging saying "uh oh" to himself.[35] Ging reacts when Nanika heals Gon, and when Pariston gazes at him, he looks down and closes his down, causing Pariston to smile.[36] After Gon is healed, he and the other Hunters enter the election hall, with Gon finally meeting Ging.[37] Gon apologizes, still feeling responsible for what happened to Kite. Ging tells him that it wasn't his fault and that Kite is still alive because of his Crazy Slots ability, which Ging taught him. After telling Gon to go see Kite again, Ging is insulted and chastised by the other Hunters for being a bad father. He picks a fight with the Hunters in the election hall and promises Gon that they can talk later. Ging is left dumbfounded after the ninth round when Pariston wins the election, appoints Cheadle as his Vice Chairman, and then resigns.[10]

During Kite's conversion with Gon, the former reveals that he also talked to Ging and tells Gon that he should go back to him. Gon then returns to the election hall and finds a map pointing to a trop of a tree, with a note from Ging saying that he will be waiting on top of the World Tree. Beans says that he tried to stop him, and Gon realizes that Ging never said that he would be waiting in the election hall.[38]

Ging receives his Hunter License

Ging receiving his Hunter License from Gon

Later, Gon and Ging meet atop the World Tree. There, Ging talks about why he wanted to be a Hunter. He explains that there is much more to the world than most people know, revealing the existence of the Dark Continent. He tells Gon that the Chimera Ants also originated there and that even he himself isn't qualified to go there yet.[39] Gon returns his Double-Star Hunter License to him, and they talk about their adventures with each other.[9]

Dark Continent Expedition arc

Cheadle announces to the Zodiacs that Ging and Pariston have both resigned from the group. Ging is then seen near Beyond Netero's location, appearing to be interested in his plans to visit the Dark Continent.[4] As the Zodiacs discuss Beyond and the Dark Continent, Gel asks if any of them have ever considered making the journey, and another member mentions that they can only think of one idiot who has. Ging is then shown elsewhere, and Gel adds that even if Ging were present and willing to help them, he would insist on doing things by himself.[40] Ging later appears in front of Beyond's Expedition Team, of which Pariston is a member.[41]

Ging dismisses Pariston's assumption that he will join, claiming that he is there to stop them. He thinks that the Hunter Association has become too boring for Pariston's tastes and that Pariston is letting the Chimera Ants loose in the world to find new amusing targets, which would also change the Hunter Association's policy regarding the Dark Continent. Alternatively, he could send the Ants to attend the Hunter Exam, which they would pass easily, although Ging concedes that he does not understand what Pariston would do with the Association after that. He concludes that both of them think in unorthodox ways, which is why he can understand his mental processes. Seemingly affected by Ging's insults, Pariston begins to explain his need to have others hate him and hurt the things he loves, asking if it is normal. Ging responds by saying that, in his case, it is past normality. Pariston just watches as Ging is confronted by Usamen, who imagines himself being punched in the face repeatedly by Ging. He tells Usamen to stay out of it and wonders if Marione calls the shots. When Pariston happily states that he is the second-in-command, Ging guesses that their hierarchy isn’t based on strength then, which leaves Pariston feeling underestimated.[42]

342 - Pariston and Ging

Ging confronting Pariston

Ging says that if Pariston was just some muscle head, he would just defeat him in a fight, but he knows that he needs to break his spirit instead. He then declares that he is the new second-in-command and asks if any of them have a problem with it.[42] Ging assures them that he doesn’t plan to make any changes to the team's plans or give orders; he only wants the nominal authority of the second-in-command. He then states that he will double the money Beyond has promised them and pay upfront. As the team members consider his offer, Pariston admits he is happy that Ging is their second-in-command. However, since Pariston is not being paid by Beyond, Ging does not give him any money. After a moment of tension, Pariston agrees. He listens in silence as Ging explains the Five Threats and the resources that can be found in the Dark Continent, as described in the book written by Don Freecss.[43]

Gon calls Ging and worries that he doesn't have any aura. Ging assures him that he had it when they were together at the World Tree, adding that he probably can't see it anymore. He guesses that Gon simply went back to "normal" and reminds him that he fought with the intent to throw everything away. He tells Gon that he would be ungrateful to want more and that it will be a good opportunity for him to discover what he can do as he is now. While Ging was talking on the phone, the members of the party split into two groups: those who are willing to take his money, and those who refuse, with Pariston siding with the former. Ging tells them he is well aware that they are not just Temp Hunters, but experts in their fields who were hired by Beyond for their abilities. As he goes on to explain that Pariston used to be Vice Chairman of the Hunter Association to restrain Netero's authority while gaining power, Pariston is irritated by how similar their ways of thinking are, and wonders to himself if he will really hate someone for the first time in his life, admitting that he looks forward to it. He complies with Ging's request to inform everyone in the team about his offer.[44]

Chap 346 - Ging teaches the team

Ging showing off his Pip-Play skills to the team

One month later, Ging is seen displaying his outstanding abilities in Pip-Play to the team and beating Curly in a contest on Ancient Kappe. Pariston tells Ging that all the assassins they sent to hinder the Hunter Exam failed, apparently thanks to Kurapika, his replacement in the Zodiacs. One of the assassins, Muherr, reports that Kurapika can seemingly read minds. Pariston introduces him to Ging, but the two already know each other. Muherr says that he wouldn't be surprised if Kurapika had found out about their escape plan, but Pariston smiles and replies that there is no plan to free Beyond: he must escape all by himself once he reaches the Dark Continent and then meet up with them. Muherr questions Ging's motives to join their team, suspecting that he might double-cross them, and Ging replies that he is closer to Beyond because he wants to be free to do what he wants at the destination. Furthermore, Ging reveals that he intends to prevent Pariston from completing his destructive plans while supporting Beyond. The assassins refuse to accept his presence and demand that Ging and Pariston choose which of them will leave the team. However, Ging offers them a third alternative, and Pariston a fourth. Ging's alternative is that the assassins leave, and Pariston's that they die.[45]

As Muherr's henchmen materialize guns and attack them with Nen bullets, Ging and Pariston escape down into an underground passage. After the two argue back and forth, Ging analyzes their abilities, and Pariston asks if it's okay for him to watch Ging fight. Ging then unleashes a flurry of punches into the ground, and Pariston watches in amazement as Ging reproduces Leorio's remote punch to knock out three enemies. Pariston wonders if his ability allows him to copy other people's abilities, but Ging describes it as a talent, explaining that he can usually imitate any punching ability as long as he's been hit with it.[46]

Chap 347 - Ging invites Pariston

Ging criticizing Pariston's attempt to witness his ability

After Ging defeats the remaining henchmen, he tells Pariston that he was aware it was all staged by him to discover Ging's abilities, suggesting that Pariston fight him himself if he wants to figure out what his abilities are. The two then head upstairs, and Ging tells Muherr that his troops aren't strong enough to face the Dark Continent. Muherr replies that they are there to cover for them and then introduces Golem, a symbiotic-type who conjures heavy firearms and carries an Emitter who provides the bullets. Muherr adds that the scouts, cover-fire personnel, and Golem make up the 11-man force known as the "Stone Wall", the only mercenary group to fight in the Lubo Civil War without a casualty.[46]

Ging playfully asks Muherr if he can tell his men to take his money, but Muherr confronts Ging and reveals that he didn't have anything against him becoming the team's second-in-command, but the fact that he tried to buy their trust with money was unforgivable. Ging apologizes and offers to donate their money to the Norwell Fund. Muherr and his men then acknowledge him as the second-in-command, but not before making it clear that despite this, it will be Muherr that will give the orders to everyone on the battlefield and that his orders are absolute. Ging agrees and salutes while comically answering, "Sir! Yes, sir!". Pariston then walks in and announces that he can now donate his money to all of Beyond's men, claiming that Ging is now officially the second-in-command. Ging reminds him that it's in name only and tells him that he can lead just as he has been. However, Pariston happily refuses and says that he wants to see what Ging can do, with Ging replying that he won’t hesitate.[46]

Abilities & Powers

During his time as a Zodiac, Ging's authority in the Hunter Association was inferior only to those of the Chairman and the Vice Chairman. Even after quitting the group, he still has access to all the benefits granted by his status as a Hunter; as a matter of fact, due to no information on Ging being available online, Kurapika assumed that he must have the power and wealth of a president.[2] With Beyond Netero behind bars, he is also the de facto leader of the Dark Continent Expedition Team.[46] His abilities are yet to be fully revealed, but as a former member of the Zodiacs, a Double-Star Hunter who can qualify for a Triple-Star License, and having managed to defeat and capture Razor, Ging is bound to be extremely proficient in Nen. Former Chairman Netero supported this theory by calling him one of the five best Nen users in the world,[14] and Hisoka is extremely interested in him.[15] A direct example of his strength is given when he fought most of the Hunter Association without so much as getting a scratch on his person (although it should be noted that it was a comical scene and no one was trying to cause serious injuries).[10] He also repeatedly threatened Pariston, a fellow former Zodiac, showing many times that he has extreme confidence in his own skills.[42] Aside from being famous for his power, Ging is known for the number of difficult missions he has completed for the Hunter Association as well as for his ability to disappear without leaving a trace, to the point that not even the Zodiacs can find him. He also seems to know how to use the mysterious runes that are affected by Nen, leaving Gon a box that could be opened only with his aura.[1] Together with ten other individuals, he was able to create Greed Island, a Nen-powered game encompassing a whole island.

Immense Speed: Before he could even react, Ging lifted up and faked a punch at Usamen, who was approaching him with hostile intentions. The speed of his movement and the power behind it were such that Usamen actually believed, for a moment, that he had been struck several times.[42] A few days earlier, when Gon climbed up the World Tree, Ging commented on how long it took Gon to reach the top of the tree past the point of 500 meters, saying that he got tired of waiting for him. Although this shows that Ging is on a completely different level of speed, it should be noted that this was Gon's first attempt at climbing the World Tree and Ging told him it wasn't bad for his first time.[39] Furthermore, he avoided a spray of gunfire at close range by three Nen users while casually conversing with Pariston.[46]

Enhanced Adaptability: He talked and laughed on top of the World Tree for many hours without looking troubled by the low oxygen level and temperature.[39][9]

Genius-Level Intellect: Ging is arguably one of the most intelligent characters in the series. He has foreseen most of Gon's choices and actions since leaving home, including his participation in the Hunter Exam, his journey to Greed Island, and his meeting with Kite. He also guessed correctly what the process to decide the rules of the election would be and ensured his own would win, outmaneuvering the rest of the Zodiacs.[15] His predictions regarding the election for the new Chairman of the Hunter Association were accurate and even Cheadle, despite disliking him and being extremely smart herself, asked him for advice.[35] He manipulated Leorio, a person he knew nothing about, so that he could become a hindrance to Pariston's victory, which he did.[47] Furthermore, when Ging got rid of the Nen users from Muherr's party at the underground level and was going back up to the castle, he pointed out to Pariston that if he wants to see his abilities, he has to come at him rather than constructing badly designed self-serving scenarios, showing his superiority as a battle analyst even in times of conflict.[46] It's clear that Ging's preeminent mental skills are his deductive intelligence, quickness of mind, and versatility.

Polymath: Ging possesses an extensive knowledge in various fields of academic studies, the most prominent one being archaeology. However, he claims that he simply studies what he likes without even receiving a formal education in them.[45]

Polyglot: Ging is hinted to be able to speak several languages, surpassing Curly, a professor at Varvard University, in his own field every time they have had a contest. Ancient Kappe and Nankul are among the languages he knows.[45]


Ging's standing within the Hunter Association and Netero's praise speak for his mastery over Nen. The first example of this is given when he is seen playing Pip-Play, a game in which a person moves around their aura to do tricks; a self-proclaimed master of Pip-Play was left flabbergasted by Ging's capability, as he created multiple bubbles of aura, altering their shapes, sizes, direction, and individual speed. As Ging himself admitted, however, this game has nothing to do with one's actual abilities, being no different than spinning a pen on one's finger.[45] Since creating shapes with one's aura is considered a Transmutation ability, Ging might be very skilled in this field. Although it is still unknown into which Nen category he falls, he showed extreme prowess in Emission and Manipulation when he put his aura in a tape with the order that it self-deletes after playing. The command activated perfectly ten years later, and the aura was strong enough to block Killua's punch,[11] indicating that he has considerable skills in Enhancement as well.

Chap 347 - Ging imitating Leorio's ability

Ging's version of Leorio's remote punch

A true testament to Ging's skills in Nen was given when he was attacked by Muherr's henchmen. On that occasion, he copied Leorio's remote punch perfectly and on the first attempt. He later explained that he generally can mimic other people's striking abilities as long as he has been hit with it, but further elaborated that it's merely a natural talent and not a Nen ability. Deducing how Leorio must have created his ability and basing it on his own speculations, Ging devised a method to detect people which consists of sending out one's aura like ultrasounds, and again he succeeded in using it on the first attempt. Since he deemed this technique to be stealthier than En, it is very likely that he can also use En. He also showcased above-average proficiency in the Emission category by hurling two large projectiles of Nen simultaneously without needing to charge them.[46] With his capability, especially in Nen, Ging is also confident that he can easily defeat Pariston, a former Zodiac like himself, which vouches for an outstanding overall combat strength as well as proficiency in Nen. He only chooses not to do so because of Pariston's personality that makes him impossible to defeat besides breaking his spirit. Pariston did not argue against both statements.[42]

Ging is also able to correctly guess someone's natural Nen type the instant after they have used an ability, as he did with Muherr's henchmen, which implies that he may have learned or developed his own system to identify different Nen users. However, he was unable to identify that the guns weren't conjured by the henchmen themselves. Ging's knowledge of Nen also allowed him to identify Golem as a symbiotic Nen user upon their first meeting.[46]

Ging's Nen Abilities
Type: Emission Remote Punch*
Chap 347 - Ging's warping punch
An ability Ging copied from Leorio after the latter used it against him. Ging punches a surface nearby and emits his aura in a line from the point of impact to a specific location a few meters ahead. A wormhole-like circle is generated from which a fist emerges, stretching far beyond the length of a normal arm to strike the target. The strength and speed of the warped punch may depend on those of the original blow. Ging can use it rapid-fire, by hitting the ground many times and thus unleashing multiple punches.[46]
Type: Emission Ultrasound*
Through palpation, which means using one's hands to examine the body, and tapping, Ging can release his aura in pulses around an area like an ultrasound to detect other organisms within it or, potentially, abnormalities in the human body. Ging praised this technique, as it is harder to detect compared to regular En. He came up with this ability after analyzing Leorio’s Remote Punch.[46]
Type: Emission Phasing Bullets*
Chap 347 - Ging dealing with the two remaining soldiers
By laying his hands on a surface, Ging can shoot a projectile of aura from each that quickly travels through the obstacle without damaging it, instead hitting whatever is on the other side. These bullets had enough power to knock out two unsuspecting enemies. However, Ging hinted that he could shoot even more powerful projectiles, as he stated he was going easy on his opponents.[46]

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169. Declaration of War Flashback
170. Three-Way Struggle: Part 1 Absent
171. Three-Way Struggle: Part 2 Absent
172. Three-Way Struggle: Part 3 Absent
173. Three-Way Struggle: Part 4 Absent
174. Three-Way Struggle: Part 5 Absent
175. Three-Way Struggle: Part 6 Absent
176. Three-Way Struggle: Part 7 Absent
177. Three-Way Struggle: Part 8 Absent
178. Three-Way Struggle: Part 9 Absent
179. Three-Way Struggle: Part 10 Absent
180. Three-Way Struggle: Part 11 Absent
181. Three-Way Struggle: Part 12 Absent
182. Three-Way Struggle: Part 13 Absent
183. Three-Way Struggle: Part 14 Absent
184. The Choice of Three Cards Flashback
185. Chance Encounter Flashback
Chimera Ant arc
186. The Queen Mentioned
187. The Beast Fodder Absent
188. NGL Absent
189. Infiltration Absent
190. The Hunt Absent
191. Pros Absent
192. Human Dog Absent
193. Scissors Absent
194. vs. Hagya's Squad: Part 1 Absent
195. vs. Hagya's Squad: Part 2 Absent
196. vs. Hagya's Squad: Part 3 Absent
197. vs. Hagya's Squad: Part 4 Absent
198. Sudden Attack Absent
199. Light and Shadow Absent
200. Stipulation Absent
201. Reunion Absent
202. Duel Absent
203. Gyro Absent
204. Gyro's Story Absent
205. Time Remaining Absent
206. A Real Fight Absent
207. Weakness: Part 1 Absent
208. Weakness: Part 2 Absent
209. ? Absent
210. Weakness: Part 3 Absent
211. Loan Shark Absent
212. Water Breaking Absent
213. Birth Absent
214. Results Absent
215. Last Words Absent
216. Republic of East Gorteau Absent
217. Meat Orchard Absent
218. Confession Absent
219. Awakening Absent
220. Reunion: Part 1 Absent
221. Reunion: Part 2 Absent
222. Reunion: Part 3 Absent
223. 10: Part 1 Absent
224. 10: Part 2 Absent
225. 10: Part 3 Absent
226. 10: Part 4 Absent
227. 10: Part 5 Absent
228. 10: Part 6 Absent
229. 10: Part 7 Absent
230. 9: Part 1 Absent
231. 9: Part 2 Absent
232. 9: Part 3 Absent
233. 9: Part 4 Absent
234. 9: Part 5 Absent
235. 8: Part 1 Absent
236. 8: Part 2 Absent
237. 8: Part 3 Absent
238. 8: Part 4 Absent
239. 8: Part 5 Absent
240. 8: Part 6 Absent
241. 8: Part 7 Absent
242. 7: Part 1 Absent
243. 7: Part 2 Absent
244. 6: Part 1 Absent
245. 6: Part 2 Absent
246. 6: Part 3 Absent
247. 6: Part 4 Absent
248. 6: Part 5 Absent
249. 6: Part 6 Absent
250. 6: Part 7 Absent
251. 6: Part 8 Absent
252. 6: Part 9 Absent
253. 6: Part 10 Absent
254. 6: Part 11 Absent
255. 5: Part 1 to 2: Part 1 Absent
256. 2: Part 2 Absent
257. 1: Part 1 Absent
258. 1: Part 2 Absent
259. 1: Part 3 Absent
260. 1: Part 4 Absent
261. Charge: Part 1 Absent
262. Charge: Part 2 Absent
263. Charge: Part 3 Absent
264. Charge: Part 4 Absent
265. Charge: Part 5 Absent
266. "In the Unlikely Event Of..." Absent
267. Activation Absent
268. The King Absent
269. Adversity Is a Good Thing Absent
270. Indebted To Absent
271. Separation Absent
272. Error Absent
273. We Meet Again Absent
274. Solution Absent
275. Promise Absent
276. Missileman Absent
277. Insult Absent
278. Destruction Absent
279. Escape Absent
280. Direct Hit Absent
281. Godspeed Absent
282. Sealed Area Absent
283. Determination Absent
284. Fifteen Minutes Absent
285. Doubles Absent
286. Core Absent
287. Present State Absent
288. Accolade Absent
289. Terms Absent
290. Name Absent
291. Soliloquy Absent
292. Hidden Agenda Absent
293. Metamorphosis Absent
294. Breakdown Absent
295. Determination Absent
296. Admission Absent
297. The Last Absent
298. Rose Absent
299. Regeneration Absent
300. Insurance Absent
301. Memory Absent
302. Target Absent
303. Pain Absent
304. Magic Mentioned
305. Sorry Absent
306. Relief Absent
307. Loss Absent
308. Flash Absent
309. Game Absent
310. Action Absent
311. Deadline Absent
312. Resolve Absent
313. One Word Absent
314. Persuasion Absent
315. Home Appears
316. Real Name Absent
317. Answer Absent
318. Final Will Appears
13th Hunter Chairman Election arc
319. Lottery Appears
320. Voting Appears
321. Monster Mentioned
322. Siblings Absent
323. Job Offer Absent
324. Butler Absent
325. Joining the Fray Appears
326. Open Hostilities Appears
327. Riddle Absent
328. Arrangements Absent
329. Spy Mentioned
330. Confession Absent
331. Day of Reckoning Appears
332. Applause Appears
333. Rumble Appears
334. Total Defeat Appears
335. Decision Appears
336. Release Absent
337. Repentance Mentioned
338. Atop a Tree Appears
339. Stillness Appears
Dark Continent Expedition arc
340. Special Mission Appears
341. Threats Appears
342. Challenge Appears
343. Invitation Appears
344. Author Appears
345. Signature Appears
346. Options Appears
347. Inauguration Appears
348. Resolve Pictured


  • Hunter Exam arc:
    • Ging vs. Master of the Swamp (2011 anime)[48]
  • 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc:
    • Ging vs. Leorio Paradinight[32]
    • Ging vs. Hunters (Election Hall)[10]
  • Dark Continent Expedition arc:
    • Ging vs. Usamen[42]
    • Ging and Pariston Hill vs. 5 Stone Wall members[45][46]


  • (To Gon) "There's one question I want to ask. Do you want to see me?"[1]
  • (To Gon) "Hunters are a bunch of egomaniacs. We cast aside everything else to get what we want."[11]
  • (To Gon) "Well, I don't want to see you. Honestly, I don't know how I could face you. I quit being a parent for selfish reasons. I'm not a decent guy. At least ten years will pass before you'll listen to this tape. But there's one thing that'll never change. I'll always be... the guy I am."[11]
  • (To Gon) "Try and catch me. You're a Hunter now, aren't you?"[11]
  • (To Razor) "One day my son will come to Greed Island. Don't hold back against him. Give him all you've got!"[7]
  • (To Razor) "Don't underestimate him. He's my kid, after all. I'm counting on you! Razor!!"[7]
  • (To Pariston) "Nah, go. Gon isn't gonna die."[5]
  • (To Beans) "I'm just following the the old man's wishes. Being Chairman would be a huge drag."[15]
  • (To Beans) "When the quarry moves exactly as planned... well, that's the moment all Hunters live for, isn't it? I want a little fun while I'm at it. That's all."[15]
  • (To Cheadle) "Figure out the rest for yourself. Are you a Hunter or aren't you?"[35]
  • (To Gon) "There are rules when you apologize to friends. Know what they are? You promise what you'll do next time. And then you keep that promise!!"[10]
  • (To Gon) "I'm enjoying the journey. So if... your destination is the same as mine... enjoy the side trips. A lot." [9]
  • (To Gon) "You fought with the intent to throw everything away, and you turned back to normal. You'd be ungrateful if you wanted more. Be happy about it. This'll be a good opportunity for you to figure out what you can do as you are now."[44]
  • (To Pariston) "I took them on out of respect for their having to follow such a crappy script. Do it yourself next time. If you want to see my ability so badly."[46]
  • (To Muherr)"... And... I think... I was happy. To be surrounded by like-minded idiots."[46]


  • Ging's name in Greed Island, "Nigg", was changed to "Ngig" in the Viz translation.[8]

Anime and Manga Differences

  • According to 1999 anime adaptation, Ging's Hunter License number is 10982 480 35267,[49] whereas only a partial license number is given in the manga (...0...5267)[2] and none in the 2011 anime adaptation.[50]

Intertextuality and References

  • Ging resembles Yusuke Urameshi, the protagonist of Togashi's previous series YuYu Hakusho, in his physical stature, facial structure, and carefree, selfish attitude. Both even favor brawling and emission attacks, with all of Ging's Nen attacks shown thus far being Emission type-attacks and Yusuke's signature Spirit Gun and Spirit Shotgun variant.

Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag Arabic جين فريكس (Jin Friks)
China Flag Chinese 金•富力士* (Jīn Fùlì shì)
仁•费格斯/仁•費格斯* (Rén Fèi gé sī)
阿仁* (Ārén)
France Flag French Jin Freecss
Greece Flag Greek Τζίνγκ Φρίκς (Tzín'nk Fríks)
Italy Flag Italian Gin Freecss
South Korea Flag Korean 진 프릭스 (Jin Peurikseu)
Russia Flag Russian Джин Фрикс (Dzhin Friks)
Thailand Flag Thai จิน ฟรีคส์ (Cin Frī khs̄̒)


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