The Glam Clan (グラム()(いち)(ぞく)()()()()()()(), Guramu Ichizoku) is a former tribe of migrants that settled in the location now known as the Glam Gas Land where they made a lucrative fortune selling the area's natural gas. In modern times since the gas has since depleted, the clan make their fortune with high-end hotels, casinos, and entertainment business Mughals.[1]


Once a nomadic tribe of migrants, named Glam Caravan, they discovered a natural gas resource among a poor setting with red earth mountains and settled near the gas deposits, abandoning their centuries-old nomadic lifestyle. In the years hence many people came in search of the gas. Occasionally the gas reserves were depleted and the Glam Clan, enriched by their administration of the resource, switched to the casino management business.[1]


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