The Gold Dust Girl Guard is a non-player character (NPC) of the Greed Island game, he stands guard outside the Gold Dust Girl's mansion.[1]


The Gold Dust Girl Guard dresses in a suit and tie, has neatly combed hair, vague eyebrows, and a cleft chin.[1]


Initially he comes off as calm and professional, but when someone is able to retrieve the Gold Dust Girl from her mansion, he becomes belligerent.[1]


Greed Island arcEdit

When Gon and Biscuit confront the guard he quickly denies their request to see the Gold Dust Girl. He claims they'll trigger the traps within and would die before they're able to reach the girl. Immediately after that statement the guard is flabbergasted by Killua as he waltzes out of the mansion with the Gold Dust Girl in tow, claiming he found the girl in a secret room in B4 and thought the traps were an attraction of sort. In an act of belligerence the guard tries to attack Killua, but is defeated with a single punch by the boy. Gon then picks up the guard's card and says it's he's an F rank card.[1]


His card Rank is F.[1]


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