Gorilla (ゴリラ, Gorira) was an ape-like Chimera Ant Soldier in Zazan's division.[1]


Gorilla was a Chimera Ant with an upper torso of a four-armed gorilla, and a lower torso of a fiddler crab.


Like most Chimera Ants, Gorilla has a superiority complex over those he deems weaker than him. When faced against Phinks he allows him a single punch without retaliation,[1] which leads to his demise.[2]


Chimera Ant arc

Phinx vs Gorilla

Gorilla confronts Phinks

During the Phantom Troupe's siege against Zazan's Squad in her palace, Gorilla encounters Phinks. Gorilla mocks Phinks' punches as flimsy and going as far as to allow one free hit on him before he kill him. Elated by this, Phinks takes the Ant's generous offer, claiming he'll finish him off with a single punch and that 15 should suffice. This statement perplexes Gorilla.[1]

Phinks then proceeds to rotate his right arm 15 times, creating an emanating potent surge of aura from his arm. Horrified by the turn of events, Gorilla futilely tries to stop Phinks, but is obliterated by his Nen ability Ripper Cyclotron. The aftermath of the scene, Phinks chastises himself that half spins would have been efficient.[2]

Abilities & Powers

Gorilla's exoskeleton is probably even more durable than that of normal Chimera Ants, as a Nen-enhanced punch from Phinks dealt no damage at all. His four arms allow him to wield multiple weapons.[1]


  • Chimera Ant arc:
    • Gorilla vs. Phinks Magcub[1][2]


  • The character's true name was never given in the manga nor in the 2011 anime adaptation, but he has been referred to as ゴリラ型[3] (Gorira-gata, literally "Gorilla type") in the Hunter × Hunter Battle Collection card game.

Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag Arabic غوريلا
France Flag French Gorille


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