Grachan (グラチャン, Gurachan) is a Hunter and an acquaintance of Morel's.[1]


Very little is known about Grachan. During the course of their life, they became a Hunter and befriended Morel. At some point, they also learned Nen. Grachan was deployed to exterminate the Chimera Ants, Leol managed to escape them, and after receiving a Nen ability from Shaiapouf he managed to steal Grachan's.[1]


Chimera Ant arc

Grachan was deployed by the Hunter Association to capture the Chimera Ants, but Leol managed to flee from them, and Grachan ended up owing him a favor which allowed the Chimera Ant to steal their Nen ability. Later, Leol managed to corner Morel in an underground church and fought him using the Nen ability he stole from Grachan, much to the Sea Hunter's fury, as he recognized it. The two talk briefly about Grachan while fighting, with Morel accusing Leol of being a thief and the Squadron Leader calling him one-sided and mistaken since it is only self-defense to fight off those who came to kill him and highlighting that he is just borrowing the ability. Following Leol's death at the end of the confrontation, Morel assumed that Grachan regained use of their Nen ability.[1]

Abilities & Powers

Grachan has all the benefits granted by their status as a Hunter.


Grachan is most likely a skilled Nen user. While their natural Nen type is unknown, it is clear that their Nen ability makes use of Conjuration.[2] It seems also probable that they are capable of utilizing Manipulation to control the water, which would make them proficient in two Nen categories. Although Grachan temporarily lost their ability due to Leol's power, they most likely recovered it after the latter's demise.[1]

Grachan's Nen Abilities
Type: Conjuration and Manipulation Inamura (TUBE(イナムラ))
Inamura 2011.png Grachan conjures a surfing board and a trident harpoon while a mass of water large enough to flood an underground church is called forth by the user. Both the trident[2] and the surfing board are razor sharp and are used as weapons.[1] Thanks to the board, Grachan can move freely on the water, while the movements of the opponent are considerably hindered.[2] The water itself is not conjured.[1] The ability is reinforced by a condition prescribing that it can be used exclusively on rainy days.[2]
Type: Conjuration and Manipulation Big Wall (大波(ビックウォール) Giant Wave)
Hunter X Hunter - 107 - Large 08-2-.jpg

Big Wall.png

Although Leol dubiously specified that the technique called Tornave was his own invention,[2] Grachan seems to have created Big Wall themself. With Inamura active, Grachan causes the water underneath themself to swell up into a gigantic tidal wave and crash down on anything or anyone in front of it. This ability is unavoidable in enclosed locales. Although it causes no direct damage to a Nen user, it makes them unable to control their position, allowing Grachan to kill them as soon as they resurface.[1]


  • The character's original name, Gurachan (グラチャン), is equal to the Japanese abbreviation for "grand champion" (グランドチャンピオン, gurandochanpion)—a term used especially in some subjects related to sports.
  • Leol demonstrated a third ability while Inamura was active: Tornave. Since he claimed it was one of his original moves, it is unclear if it was originally Grachan's or if the Chimera Ant really developed it.[2]
  • The names of Leol/Grachan's water-based abilities were changed in the Viz translation: Inamura (TUBE(イナムラ)) became '"TUBE": Surf's Up', Tornave (渦波(トルナイヴ) Maelstrom) became '"Vortex": Maelstrom',[2] and Big Wall (大波(ビックウォール) Giant Wave) became '"Tsunami": Heavy Pounder'.[1]

Intertextuality and References

  • Inamura is likely named after Inamura Point, a popular location for surfing in Japan.

Translations around the World

Language Name
France Flag.png French Gurachan


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