The Great Stamp (グレイトスタンプ, Gureito Sutanpu) is the world's most ferocious pig.[1]


Greats Stamps are large pigs with pink skin (black in the 1999 anime)[2] and extremely powerful snouts. They have a pair of small pointed ears and short curling tails. Their teeth are sharp and pointed, able to crush bones.[1]


Known for its aggression, speed, and powerful snout, they are quite formidable if one does not know their weakness. They are carnivores. However, their gigantic snouts mask a soft spot on their foreheads; a blow to the soft spot can easily kill or defeat the Great Stamp.[1]


Hunter Exam arcEdit

Hanzo cooking pig

Hanzo cooking his prey

In order to fulfill Buhara's request for roast pork, the 148 examinees rush into the Visca Forest Preserve to find a pig to roast, only to be surprised to find that the only kind of pig found is the most dangerous pig in the known world the Great Stamp. Gon, Leorio, and Kurapika manage to find a herd of Great Stamp that proceeds to charge at the trio at a great speed and send them flying into the air. Airborne Gon uses this to his advantage to use his fishing rod to hit the Great Stamp's weak spot on its head. 69 other examinees follow in Gon's new found technique in beating the Great Stamps and proceed to roast the pigs' bodies and present them to a hungry Buhara,[1] to whom finishes them all off.[3]


  • In the 2011 anime both Menchi and Buhara judge all of the applicant's roast pork,[4] while in the manga and 1999 anime, Menchi requests sushi instead.[3][2]


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