Hashito (ハシトウ, Hashitou) is a Royal Bodyguard currently for Prince Woble, formally Prince Zhang Lei's.[1]


Hashito has small, round eyes, a dark unibrow that becomes thicker towards the tips, a big, flat nose, a small mouth with thick lips, and a prominent square chin. His voluminous fair hair is neatly combed. As a Royal Bodyguard, he wears a black suit and a tie.[1]


Succession Contest arcEdit

After Prince Zhang Lei's meeting with Kurapika, Queen Oito, and Prince Woble, Hashito and Sakata are ordered by their Prince to be Prince Woble's bodyguards until the next banquet. Slakka under orders of Queen Unma follows the two reluctantly, while expressing his displeasure of being fired if he fails his mission. In a discussion between Kurapika and Bill, Kurapika informs his co-worker about the third prince's bodyguards Sakata and Hashito, while Slakka and Babimyna agree to work together by spying on each of them.[1]

Chap 367 - Bodyguards

The bodyguards amazed that the Cockroach is under the influence of Nen

Right after Maor, the Captain of Prince Tubeppa's bodyguards, arrives and everyone is brought into guards waiting room, Hashito along with everyone else listens to Kurapika's explanation about the Guardian Spirit Beasts and watches as Bill seemingly uses his Nen ability to control a cockroach that was in the room. Kurapika then proposes that he'll teach everyone how to use Nen, with the condition that he'll also give the same proposal to the other Princes and it's their choice whether they choose to participate in it or not.[2]

Chap 370 - Nen Course

Participants of the Nen training

As Queen Oito uses her Nen ability to spy on the Princes' Guardian Spirit Beasts and the number of their bodyguards and servants, Hashito stays stationed in the living room area with Slakka and Bill.[3] Hashito rushes into Queen Oito's room after another outburst after she encounters the Fourth Prince's Guardian Spirit Beast from the perspective of the cockroach possessed by Sayird's Nen ability. The following day he stands by Slakka and Sakata with numerous other bodyguards from other Princes who wish to learn Nen from Kurapika in a two week period.[4] After Barrigen is killed, he handcuffs Loberry for suspected complicity.[5] Hashito is present when his partner Sakata requests to accompany Kurapika with his discussion with Yuhirai about Nen Beasts, after the 2nd day of his Nen Training.[6] The following day Hashito attends the 2nd day of Kurapika's Nen training and he does not intervene when Maor and Satobi accuse Kurapika of being behind the attacks after Myuhan's death.[7]

Prince Zhang Lei extends his, Sakata and Slakka's guarding period. When, on the day after the banquet, Kurapika announces that he will have his students take the Water Divination test, Hashito, Sakata and Slakka guard the door to the main bedroom. At the end of the lesson, Hashito requests to be taught Nen in exchange for allowing Tenftory to go last. Kurapika agrees due to the powerful rumbling aura they feel from time to time, but warns Hashito that, since he has not undergone basic training, he may feel exhausted for a few days after his awakening.[8]

Translations around the WorldEdit

Language Name
The Arab world Flag Arabic هاشيتو
China Flag Chinese 橋藤


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