Hemotropic Butterfly ((こう)(けつ)(ちょう)()()()()()()(), Kōketsuchō) is a species of crimson-colored butterflies found on Zevil Island.[1]


Hemotropic Butterflies have a red body and bright red wings. The tips of their wings are a darker shade of red.


Hemotropic Butterflies can detect the scent of blood from a good distance. The more blood there is, the more butterflies gather around the victim. However, like ordinary butterflies, they can also feed on nectars.[1]


Hunter Exam arc

The Hemotropic Butterflies attracted to Gon's blood

Attracted to the scent of Gon's blood, a few Hemotropic butterflies feed off the open sores on Gon's hands. This inspires Gon to use one to locate the wounded Hisoka.[1]


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