Hollow (ホロウ, Horō) is a male Chimera Ant and former Soldier from Meleoron's Squad division, who along with Bat, ambushes Gon after he separates from Killua.[2]


Hollow is an owl-like Chimera Ant. He wears a pair of overalls, with a patch at the front that has the numbers 3329 written on them.


Chibi Gon and Killua
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Chimera Ant arcEdit

Hollow ambushes Gon along with his ally, Bat,[2] following Meleoron's orders. Hollow distracts Gon shooting his plume at him so that Bat can take at ambushing a solitary Gon, who was recently separated from Killua. Bat and Hollow take advantage of Gon attacking him during the night, so that Gon can't see them while they attack. Hollow takes advantage of Gon's distraction and attacks him heavily. Gon then simulates a lack of attention and falsely charges his Rock attack, Bat really believing that it was a good opportunity to defeat him with her Nose Dive attack and falls into Gon's trap. Gon evades her and stuns her strongly shouting in Bat's ears. Bat is confused and tries to escape flying away, and just when Gon was attacking her with his Jajanken: Paper attack but it's blocked by Hollow who then attacks Gon in his Gorilla Mode.[3]

Gon is in trouble because while being attacked by Hollow, Bat uses her screams to disorient and confuse him, but after several attacks Gon found a weakness in their combined attack: in fact, to disorient him, Bat must be exactly behind him while Hollow must be exactly in front of him, so taking advantage of this, Gon removes a tree and uses the tree to create a whirlwind, hitting Bat who smashes against a rock wall and falls unconscious. After seeing Bat defeated Hollow tries to escape, but before he can do it, Gon sends him flying with a Jajanken: Rock.[1]

Abilities & PowersEdit

99 - Hollow attacks

Hollow throwing his plumes

Being a Chimera Ant, Hollow is stronger than normal humans and is endowed with all the benefits granted by his race. He is adept at timing his attacks with his partner, Bat, inflicting damage while preventing the target from fighting back.[3][1] The two have at least two battle formations, depending on who attacks and who distracts the opponent. Although in the battle against Gon, Hollow initially served as distraction,[3] their main formation has him as the damage dealer. However, their perfect formation can also be their weakness, since they are always at opposite sides of the enemy.[1]

Owl Physiology: Hollow has many unique capabilities granted by his owl genes. He is capable of throwing his feathers to distract an enemy,[3] and to press his ears against his head so as to cover them without needing to use his hands;[1] both abilities play a crucial role in his strategies with Bat.[3][1]

  • Night Vision: Hollow claims that the light of the stars is sufficient for him to see as clearly as if it were day.[1]
  • Enhanced Hearing: Hollow is capable of hearing sounds of higher frequencies than other animals, such as the rustling of clothes and the sound of stepping on leaves. He can use them to detect their source and thus find his target, making it a more useful asset to him than even sight.[3]
  • Flight: By flapping his wings, Hollow can fly. Due to the structure of his feathers, he is capable of moving through the air without nearly making any noise. Not even Gon, in spite of his superhuman hearing, could hear him at all, due to the sound of Bat's wings being comparatively much louder.[3]

Proficient Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Hollow has shown on two occasions to be able to block Gon's normal attacks in his Gorilla Mode.[1]

Proficient Thrower: Hollow can throw his plumes at his enemies with great accuracy; while they can pierce the skin of a Nen user, they primarily serve as a distraction. He is also skilled enough to alter the trajectory of Gon's Jajanken: Paper by hitting it with a rock before it could travel for a few meters and reach Bat.[3]


Hollow can use his aura to enhance his body parts. Due to his owl genes, he is a skilled Zetsu user.[1] He is also capable of using Hatsu,[3] Ren, and Shu.[1] However, even while using Ren in his powered form, he was unable to deal significant damage to Gon,[3] although he was able to repel the latter's normal melee attacks.[1]

Hollow's Nen Abilities
Type: Unknown Gorilla Mode (ゴリラモード, Gorira Mōdo)
Gorilla Mode Hollow drastically increases his muscle mass, turning into a gorilla-like owl.[3] He becomes physically stronger but loses the capacity to fly. The transformation is not instantaneous.[1] When Hollow changes into this mode, Bat and he change formation and he focuses only on close-ranged attacks.[3]


  • Chimera Ant arc:


  • The character's original Japanese name, Horō (ホロウ), literally translates as "hollow".
    • In the Viz translation, either his name is omitted or "The Owl" was meant to be considered his name.

Translations around the WorldEdit

Language Name
The Arab world Flag Arabic هولو
France Flag French Kimera Ant Chouette


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