Huncyclopedia (ハンサイクロペディア, Hansaikuropedia), also known as Hunterpedia or Hunterpedia of Gon and Killua (ゴンとキルアのハンサイクロペディア, Gon to Kirua no Hansaikuropedia), is an omake segment shown at the end of each episode during the Heaven's Arena arc and the Yorknew City arc of the 2011 anime series.


Huncyclopedia provides information about the Hunter universe. The omake is hosted by the chibi Gon and Killua. The setting is in a classroom, with a chalkboard filled with drawings. After the segment, a preview of the next episode will be shown.

The second setting takes place in Whale Island, presumably Gon's backyard. The chalkboard is replaced with woods and the picture is shown through a projector. Gon and Killua's usual attires were changed into sleeveless shirts and shorts. And subsequently they were depicted with tanned skin.