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Hunter × Hunter: Real Stage; A Longing for Pakunoda ~ A Spider's Memory, (リアルステージ ハンター × ハンター「A Longing for Phalcnothdk, 〜蜘蛛の記憶〜」) is a stage play featuring the Hunter × Hunter series. The play is a retelling the events of when Kurapika captures Chrollo and forces the Phantom Troupe to do a hostage exchange, in a more serious and darker tone.


The stage play is an alternate retelling of the end of the Yorknew City arc, where Kurapika captures Chrollo and forces the Phantom Troupe to exchange their hostages of Gon and Killua for their leader. This play also features flashbacks of before the Phantom Troupe first came to be.

The Stage Play was originally performed from August 13th-29th of 2004.


Chibi Gon and Killua
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Gon FreecssJunko Takeuchi
Killua ZoldyckKanako Mitsuhashi
KurapikaAkiko Kimura
Chrollo LucilferRyosei Konishi
Pakunoda – Ikeda Yukiko
Nobunaga Hazama – Kagawa Kouji
Machi Komacine – Kuon Sayaka
Shizuku Murasaki – Nasu Megumi
Phinks Magcub – Satou Takuyuki
Shalnark – Ichikawa Kuniyoshi
The man-caught-in-between/The contact man – Kamioka Takahiro


  • This is the 3rd stage play in the Hunter × Hunter stage adaptations.
  • Only Gon and Killua's 1999 anime voice actresses reprise their respective roles.
  • Kurapika is played by Mito's and Biscuit's from Greed Island Final OVA 1999 anime voice actress Akiko Kimura.
  • Feitan, Franklin, Bonolenov, Kortopi, Leorio, Hisoka, Illumi, Kalluto, and Melody although having roles in the original story do not appear in this play.
  • Unlike the other plays there are no musical numbers.
  • Franklin's speech where he asks Shalnark what would be the worst possible situation to happen to them all, was done by Shizuku in the play.
  • An original character simply called, The man-caught-in-between/The contact man was created just for the play.
  • The play was performed at the Sun-mall Theater in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
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