The Hunter × Hunter Alphabet is a simple substitution cipher for Japanese.


The alphabet in the World of Hunter × Hunter is made up of runic looking symbols. In reality, these symbols are simple substitutions for Japanese kana, the collective term for hiragana and katakana; two of the three written systems in Japan.

In other words, a specific character in the Hunter × Hunter alphabet corresponds to a specific kana in Japanese. This in extension means that all the signs and written media seen throughout the world of Hunter × Hunter are real Japanese words and sentences, and can thus be rendered readable in all cases, provided that one knows the cipher and understand Japanese kana.

Gallery of Individual Signs


  • The symbol similar to the uppercase letter U in normal position is absent from the charts that compile the Hunter × Hunter Alphabet, but it appeared, in Chapter 187, integrating a word on the cover of one of the three books that Kite turn in to Wong[1] (from the zoological agency of the Kakin Empire government). The word is decrypted as ほ(?)こくしよ/ho(?)kokushiyo, probably standing for (ほう)(こく)しよ()()()()()()()() (Hōkoku shiyo) translated as "to report". In Roman transliteration the long vowel [o] is usually indicated by "ō", "oo", or "ou", so the Hunter × Hunter Alphabet character that makes more sense to be used is the one that look like an inverted uppercase letter U (similar to: Ո) (already deciphered as う/u). Yoshihiro Togashi may have drawn the fictional cipher inverted by accident.


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