Hunter × Hunter TV Anime & Comics Characters Book: World × Character × Blessing (ハンター×ハンターTVアニメ&コミックスキャラクターズブック〜World×Character×Blessing~, Hantā × Hantā Terebi Anime ando Komikkusu Kyarakutāzu Bukku -Wārudo × Kyarakutā × Bureshingu-) is mainly a guidebook to the 1999 anime adaptation series and, allegedly, to the manga as well. Published on January 28th, 2001, it consists of information about characters, animation digests, setting materials, original data collections, and more aspects of the Hunter × Hunter world which may or may not be included in the 1999 anime and/or manga.


Inside there are specially made clear stickers and extra-large double-sided posters.

Character Introduction

The featured characters are introduced with plenty of animation cell pictures, mainly from Gon, Killua, Kurapika, Leorio, and Hisoka. Profile containing height, weight, blood type, birthday, appearance in the Hunter Exam, etc.

In addition, Wing talks about the qualities of Gon and Killua, Kurapika's master talks about the qualities of Kurapika, and Machi talks long about Hisoka's abilities.

Another content, that is full of originality, tries to predict the behavior of the five characters (the four main ones plus Hisoka) from one morning to the next night. For example:

Hisoka (night)
19:00 - Playing Cards
21:00 - Dinner & Shower
22:00 - Think about Gon
22:05 - Hear in the moon (lust for Gon, lust. On this day the sky was clear, so haunt the moon, but the excitement does not settle, it bounces through the woods.)

The profile of several characters is also displayed. Exclusively in this guidebook, the profiles of Mito, Mike, Gotoh, and Canary are also shown (with information not listed in the the 2004 databook).

"Killua × Whistling × Lost Memory" Novel

Killua × Whistling × Lost Memory (キルア×口笛×なくした記憶, Kirua × Kuchibue × Naku Shita Kioku) is an extra edition original novel depicting the childhood of Killua and the days when Gon and Killua went to Whale Island.


Introduction of Hunter × Hunter-related goods released by January 2001.


Review of the story from the beginning of the auction to the discovery of dummy corpses from the Phantom Troupe.

The Nen type of Phantom Troupe members and the Shadow Beasts are introduced. Pakunoda is mistakenly introduced as being a Manipulator, probably because at the time this guidebook came out her Nen type had not been revealed yet in the manga.

There are also a few precious pieces/frames before being modified/fixed/adjusted for the volume publication.

Data Collection

Character dictionary, Hunter character/alphabet ("Huntermoji") course, collection of setting materials of the anime adaptation version, etc.


A round-table discussion by the voice actresses/actors of Gon, Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio.

Interview with the [1999] anime adaptation director.

And finally, a message from Togashi-sensei to readers.

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