Hunter × Hunter Pilot (ハンター×ハンター パイロット, Hantā × Hantā Pairotto) is an initial, animated pilot of the Hunter × Hunter manga. It was originally shown at the Jump Super Anime Tour in 1998, a year before the start of the 1999 Hunter × Hunter anime series.


Gon Freecss is found fishing trying to catch Master of the Swamp. Which he does and brings back to the village and his surrogate mother Mito Freecss, who allows him to take the Hunter Exam and become a professional Hunter. He goes back into the forest to meet his Foxbear friend. We then see a flashback of Kite killing the Foxbear's mother and lecturing Gon who ends up adopting the Foxbear. He then says his final goodbye's to Mito, before leaving on a big ship. On the ship he meets Leorio Paradinight and Kurapika. While on the ship it is besieged by a storm and a multiple of strange creatures. Gon, Leorio and Kurapika help the crew fight them off. Even though Leorio and Kurapika don't get along they are eventually forced by circumstance and inspired by Gon to work together to save the ship, which they do. In the end, they become best friends and the Captain shows high hopes for them.


Unlike the 1999 anime adaptation which was produced and animated by Nippon Animation studios, the pilot was created by Pierrot Studios. As the studios differed, the voice cast is entirely different from the 1999 anime series.

The pilot was shown as a part of the traveling "Jump Super Anime Tour" in 1998 alongside a One Piece pilot. It was later available for purchase on VHS only through a mail-in offer from Weekly Shonen Jump.

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