The Hunter Association Exorcist, like her title-sake, is an Exorcist for the Hunter Association.[1]


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Little is known about her personality, however, she is left aghast by the horrible condition Gon was in due to him going over his limits.[1]


At one point in her life, the Hunter Association Exorcist completed the Hunter Exam and learned Nen. She is also the only official Nen Exorcist within the Hunter Association.[1]


13th Hunter Chairman Election arc

The Hunter Association Exorcist is summoned at the request of Morel Mackernasey to remove the Nen abnormality from Gon[1] that he received by going over his limits without care of the consequences that would follow[2] at the hospital room he was in critical condition.[3] Though the moment the exorcist lays her eyes on the disfigured Gon, she is left aghast and exclaims that no one including herself would be capable of exorcising the Nen condition from Gon.[1]

Morel discloses this information to Gotoh, one of Killua's butlers on the phone.[1]

Succession Contest arc

On the tenth day of the voyage in the Black Whale, Prince Camilla's guard Sarahell ponders the presence of an Exorcist from the Hunter Association who would be willing to remove the Have-Nots' Nen curses and considers sending one curse to test the hypothesis, possibly luring the Hunter Association Exorcist out into the open.[4]

Abilities & Powers

The Hunter Association Exorcist has all the benefits granted by her status as a Hunter.[1]


It is unknown what Nen category she utilizes to exorcise Nen abnormalities from people.[1]



  • The Hunter Association Exorcist shares the same Japanese voice actress of Haruna in the 2011 anime adaptation.


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