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  • (To Uvogin) "I don't consider Judas to be a traitor. They say Judas sold Jesus over for 30 silver coins. How much would this traitor sell us out for? Think about it. What would he gain by selling us to the Mafia? Money? Fame? Status? Would that really gratify any one of us."
  • (To Neon) "I believe that we have a soul. So I want to fulfill my dead friend's wish... to wreak havoc."
  • (To Feitan, as a text) "Come to the Cemetery Building and unleash Hell. Make a big show!!"
  • "Dear Uvo... Can you hear this? We dedicate this requiem to you."
  • (To Gon ) "You have a lot of hostility, for someone who's surrendered."
  • (To Gon ) "I don't know. It might be because they have nothing to do with me. When I'm asked like that it's hard to answer. I don't much like to talk about my motives. But surprisingly... or rather, as I expected... The reason is the key in understanding myself..."
  • (During the founding of the Troupe) "Together, we are the Spider. I'm its head, and you're the legs. The legs do what the head says. But there will be times when the legs are more important than the head. If I die, someone else will take over. My orders are of utmost priority. My life is not. Be sure to make the right decision. I'm only a part of the Spider. What's important is the survival of the whole, not the individual."
  • (To Kurapika) "You can't kill me. You left your precious friends behind. This wasn't even in my fortune. That means it wasn't worth mentioning. This situation is insignificant."

Other quotes:

  • (To Kurapika) "Is that the chain you used to kill Uvo? What did he say to you before he died?"
  • (To Hisoka) "Unlike Order Stamp's owner, the elder thought there wasn't much difference between humans and puppets. I tend to agree."
  • (To Hisoka) "I'm not saying this as a challenge, but I'll win. I'm 100 percent sure."
  • (To himself) "Humans... are so very... interesting."
  • (To a Black Whale passenger) "Ties are to be severed... not forgotten."
  • (To Machi) "Coins are for disputes between individuals. Everyone wants to kill him this time. Of course... that includes me...!"
  • (To the Spiders) "We want to have a party, but there's no cake. We need a special order to place on the center of the table... When we get it, we'll get back together and dine on that table. Bring me Hisoka's head...!!"

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