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Yo Aszach here,,,been a big fan of HxH since 2001...

i wanna congratulate this site (though its a bit late) for being active again.

i sign up here becuz i knew at some point i wanna contribute something on this site and to HxH my favorite anime/manga of all time.

Introduction To Me - :3 Kirua Raiton Edit

I am a long time Fan of the manga and the original anime. It's weird for me to be here , after all these years of how much this manga has influenced me and i can honestly say that the bond between Killua & Gon will NEVER EVER be repeated again , yes , some may try but , Togashi-Kun's formula is second to none , Yes , that is my own opinion which others may say "but what about........." and that's cool. But with Anime being such a big deal these days , people fail to realize that the anime for HxH began in 1999 waaaaaaaaaaaay before the so called big three.

Hunter x Hunter does NOT need to be in the big three because Togashi-Kun Raised the bar so high , nobody else can see. I just hope that he comes back to us soon , My favourite arc is Greed Island , that was just incredible.

The best thing about hunter x hunter is that all four charecters get their stand out parts , I just hope that it's not too long before we see them all back together again.

I'm not sure where to put an introduction to myself so i'll just do it here :3

The Life We Lead Is The Life We Choose , Everyone Has Their Own Path , Choose Well 21:19, August 16, 2012 (UTC)

Asking about Feitan' error information ? Edit

Well I just want to ask about the information about Feitan.

They said that he used his sword as an conjured object.

Where can I confirm that info is true?

Because I try to search on it so hard but I still can't find anything about this detail

Please help me!!!!!!!!!!! Riggi (talk) 20:50, September 21, 2015 (UTC)

Well, there is no concrete evidence that Feitan's sword is conjured, so I placed it under the "Equipment" section until it is proven in the manga. Darcy Talk 13:25,9/22/2015

hey everybody. can you say me what means the signs on the opening "departure? a one sign(a red sign) means "hearth", but another i cant find the significate. please say me whats mean it;

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