The Hyper Puffball (マリモッチ, Marimocchi) is a Greed Island monster that lives in the hills.[1]


It looks like a small black round fluffy puffball with a tail and skinny legs. Its attacks are weak[1] but the creature has a durable body.


Greed Island arc

In its first appearance, it bounced into Gon's chin, and then bounced at hyper-sonic speeds making it impossible to see.[1] Soon after doing some training with Biscuit Krueger, Gon was able to catch it and change it into a card.[2]


A "Hyper Puffball" card (2011 anime version)

A D-rank card with a 80-card limit. Its designated number is 673.[3] It can be obtained once a Hyper Puffball is caught.[2]

Abilities & Powers

While the Hyper Puffball cannot do damage, if you take many direct hits from it; it can be quite irritating.[1] It can move at hyper-sonic speeds making it difficult to catch.[1][2]

How to Combat

The Hyper Puffball's ability to bounce at high speed propels it in straight seemingly random trajectories which actually has a pattern, through careful observation[1] it is possible to anticipate Hyper Puffball's moves and catch the creature; then turning it into a card.[2]


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