Hypnosis Butterflies (サイミンチョウ, Saiminchou) are butterfly insects capable of performing a flight pattern that puts its prey to sleep which then serves as live food for its larvae. They reside in Milsy Wetlands.[1]


The Hypnosis Butterfly has the normal appearance of any old butterfly.[1]


It flies in a pattern that puts it's prey to sleep and uses the prey as live food for it's larvae.[1]


Hunter Exam arc

The Hypnosis Butterflies use their pattern of flight to hypnotize unsuspecting examinees, while they try and navigate through the marshlands.[1]


  • Although the 2011 anime series adaptation implies the hypnotic flight pattern, like described in the manga, it also suggests that the butterflies are capable of releasing scales (a kind of "hallucinogenic powder") which when breathed in causes the victim to hallucinate and soon after faint.[2] The 1999 anime series adaptation also suggests, but more slightly, that the butterflies' hypnotic ability works through its scales.[3]


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