Ickshonpe Katocha (イックションペ=カットゥーチャ, Ikkushonpe Kattūcha) is a Single-Star Hacker Hunter .[1]


Ickshonpe is a slim man that wears a wide variety of colored clothing. He's seen wearing blue pants, a purple long sleeve shirt, and yellow gloves. What's presumably a mask, which bears slight resemblance to a panda bear, is white in the face with a red dot on the forehead and green ears.


Not much is known about Ickshonpe's personality other than he never speaks, and has only communicated using written statements. He is uninterested in what happens outside of the net, which he claims not to be his world, displaying a considerable degree of alienation from reality.[1]


He is claimed to be a resident of the "digital world".[1] Based on his number of votes despite expressing no interest in being chairman, it is presumable that he is well liked in the Hunter Association.


13th Hunter Chairman Election arcEdit

On the First Election for the 13th Hunter Chairman and Second Election for the 13th Hunter Chairman Ickshonpe places in 3rd[2][3] and 4th in the Fourth Election for the 13th Hunter Chairman.[4] Despite personally abstaining from voting, he still finishes 6th in the Fourth Election for the 13th Hunter Chairman, thus becoming one of the sixteen candidates of the Fifth round.[5] And in the 5th election, he comes in 5th place making him one of the 8 candidates to go through to the Sixth election. On the 6th election, he comes in 8th place with zero votes, but due to the conditions not being met, a new election is held.[6] During the Seventh election, he ties with Botobai in 7th place with zero votes and is eliminated from the Chairman race, with only the top four being able to continue.[7]

Ickshonpe's Speech

Ickshonpe gives his statement

At the beginning of the Eighth election, he gives a speech stating that he doesn't care about the election as it's not his reality and asks Ging if he would like to trade the Glorious White Spear for the Holy Gold Flag, implying he knows Ging.[8]

Election StandingEdit

Ickshonpe's 13th Chairman Election Standings
Election Round Standing Votes
First 3rd 26
Second 3rd 28
Third 4th 28
Fourth 6th 26
Fifth 5th 28
Sixth 8th 0
Seventh 7th 0


Spell Card Store

The Spell Card Shop, likely modeled after Ickshonpe's appearance

  • His name is a corruption of "Escape", both a computer key and his behavior toward reality.
  • In Greed Island, the Spell Card Shop in Masadora bears his mask's likeness,[9] the fact that he has a 6 written on his shirt (which corresponds to the letter I in Greed Island) may imply that he is one of the 11 Game masters of Greed Island.[10]

Translations around the WorldEdit

Language Name
The Arab world Flag Arabic إيكشونب كاتوچا
France Flag French Ickshonpay Kaztouger


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