Izunavi (イズナビ, Izunabi) is a Hunter and Kurapika's Nen teacher.[2]


Izunavi's 2011 anime adaptation design

Izunavi's 1999 anime adaptation design

Izunavi's manga appearance

Izunavi is a shaggy man who was first seen wearing a keikogi. In the 2011 anime adaptation, he also wears two-heeled geta (sandals) and sometimes carries a duffel bag behind him.[3] Before boarding the Black Whale, he was seen wearing a jacket, undershirt, and pants.[4] As a Royal Bodyguard, he dresses in a black suit and tie.[5]

Given that Tyson prefers physically attractive people as her bodyguards, it is safe to assume that Izunavi is one himself.[4]


Izunavi is supportive of Kurapika's quest for revenge, but at the same time, he often tries to talk him out of taking hasty or self-destructive courses of action.[6] He used to get irritated at his disciple's lack of respect for him.[2] Although he himself appears to be a relaxed individual, he can become frustrated with those who are even more laid back.[7] He is serious and careful when it comes to Nen.[2][7] He seems to have lived in the woods while training Kurapika,[2] possibly suggesting that he enjoys contact with nature and the environment.


Yorknew City arc

In a flashback during his fight against Uvogin, Kurapika remembers Izunavi having him take the Water Divination test and learns that he's a Conjurer. Izunavi tells him that it means he will be good at materializing things, and Kurapika says that he was hoping to be an Enhancer. Izunavi tells him that while he can't change what he was born with, he can still learn Enhancement techniques.[2]

Izunavi explains that as a Conjurer, Kurapika can achieve 100% mastery of Conjuration, 80% of Transmutation, 60% of Manipulation and Enhancement, and 40% of Emission. He adds that the further away a type is from his own, the more difficult it will be to master it. Kurapika asks why Specialization is at 0%, and Izunavi explains that it's a trait that's inherited, not learned. He adds that Conjurers and Manipulators are more likely to turn into Specialists later in life, saying that Kurapika still has a chance.[2]

Izunavi then mentions that Kurapika had talked earlier about wanting to be able to fight to the end by himself, agreeing that Enhancement abilities should be a priority since they are useful for offense, defense, and healing. However, he stresses that since Kurapika is a Conjurer, he will only be able to master half of the Enhancement abilities at half their effectiveness. He gives an example of Kurapika fighting an Enhancer who has 100% mastery, saying that if they both had a strength value of 100 and the Enhancer reinforced his fist with all of his Nen, he would be able to output 200 points of damage (100 from the punch and 100 from Nen reinforcement).[2]

He continues by saying that Kurapika would only be able to reinforce his body with 60% efficiency and defend with 160 overall (100 from physical defense and 60 from Nen reinforcement), causing him to take 40 points of damage even if he blocked. He stresses that he is simplifying things to make his point, adding that so many other factors must be considered in a battle involving Nen. He reveals that every emotion has an effect on a person's Nen and that it can enable something beyond 100%. However, he emphasizes that using power beyond one's capacity is never a good thing and could become a fatal weakness, saying that consistent power should be Kurapika's priority.[2]

Kurapika asks if he would fare better against a master Enhancer if he were consistent as a Conjurer. Izunavi replies that Enhancers are more balanced in offense and defense, but Conjurers can be difficult to deal with if they find their groove. He then poses a question, asking Kurapika if it's possible to conjure a sword that can cut anything. Kurapika says that it isn't since it goes beyond human capacity. Izunavi confirms this and says that it would be preferable just to buy a high-quality sword to use, but adds that a conjured sword could be made to appear and disappear at will.[2]

Izunavi says that while it's pointless to conjure things that already exist, one also can't conjure things that are too supernatural, which makes it difficult for Conjurers to be effective in combat. He tells Kurapika to be careful in thinking about what he wants to conjure since it will take an enormous amount of concentration and training. Kurapika quickly answers that he wants chains, saying that it was the first thing he thought of when he learned that he was a Conjurer. Izunavi wonders why he wants chains, and Kurapika replies that there are people who need to be chained to hell.[2]

After Izunavi says that he thought Kurapika was the one who was bound, Kurapika angrily scoffs at his remark and begins to walk away. Izunavi then reveals that while he told him it was impossible to conjure an unbreakable chain, it is possible to come close to achieving that. Kurapika stops to listen and suddenly turns around at the revelation, asking if it's really possible. He asks what he has to do, and Izunavi says that he needs to make a contract with self-imposed restrictions.[2]

He then tells him that to create a contract, he needs to decide on a condition and swear that he will not break it. He adds that his ability will become stronger if the limitation is stricter. Using the equation analogy, he explains that applying Nen adds to one's power and making a Nen contract multiplies it. He warns Kurapika about the double-edged nature and tells him that if he breaks the vow, he could completely lose his Nen abilities. Kurapika says that because he intends to capture the Spiders and to find the eyes of his clan, he wants his chains to hold only them and never allow them to escape. Izunavi replies that only restricting his target is somewhat weak, but as Kurapika adds that he will stake his life on it and his eyes suddenly turn red, Izunavi notices a spike in his aura and urgently tells him to take the Water Divination test again.[2]

Greed Island arc

Izunavi was indirectly mentioned by Kurapika when he explains to Gon how Izunavi taught him how to fully master conjuring chains.[8]

13th Hunter Chairman Election arc

Izunavi taking part in the election

After the death of Chairman Netero, Izunavi appears at the Hunter Association to vote in the first round of the 13th Hunter Chairman Election.[9]

Succession Contest arc

The recruited Hunters to become bodyguards

Kurapika recruits Izunavi and four others to be hired as bodyguards for Princes of Kakin, explaining that even if their target isn't among the six hiring, they will do their best to get close to him. During their discussion of the situation, Izunavi points out that the job postings were all put up at once and only one month before the scheduled departure, guessing that something happened to lead to it. After the others choose their offers, Izunavi tells Kurapika that they are the only two left to pick, adding that he will take the one he doesn't. It's eventually revealed that Izunavi will be working as a bodyguard for Prince Tyson.[4]

In a flashback after his clash with Sayird, Kurapika remembers Izunavi telling him to keep one of his chains empty for the time being. Kurapika asks why, and Izunavi says that while he thinks it's a good idea to have a different ability on each chain, he worries that Kurapika will use them to fight by himself. Kurapika wonders what the issue is, and Izunavi stresses the importance of combination attacks and working with others. With Kurapika left unconvinced, Izunavi strikes a compromise and tells him that if he ever feels that something is lacking during a fight, he should add an ability that will compensate. He tells Kurapika not to mistake his goals for his methods, reminding him that he isn't the type to do something and then be satisfied with failure. He points out that Kurapika will need allies if he plans to go to war with A-Class bounties. Kurapika replies that Izunavi wants him to collect sacrificial pawns, but Izunavi assures him that it won't be like that, adding that he will find out when he is fighting side by side with them.[6]

Izunavi inform Prince Tyson about her "Fairies"

When Prince Tyson finally learns about the existence of Guardian Spirit Beasts, she guesses that all the Princes have them and says that hers must look like an angel. Izunavi replies that they are closer to fairies, a fact which delights Tyson as Izunavi and Giuliano wonder about the larger creature giving birth to the "fairies" above the Prince's head.[5]

Later, Izunavi and Giuliano receive copies of the "Book of Tyson", and the Prince happily explains that there will be world peace when everyone becomes her disciples. She tells them that they will understand once they read it, happily skipping away and singing. Izunavi sees that the first chapter is titled "Love Will Always Prevail" and quickly closes the book. He is impressed that Tyson is so unfazed given the circumstances, and Giuliano offers to teach him how to praise the book without actually reading it.[10]

When Tyson asks them if they liked her book, Izunavi admits that both he and Giuliano haven't read it yet. Tyson is understanding and assures them that they have something special inside themselves, promising that her book will take them to the next stage. Giuliano then asks Izunavi about the small creatures on their shoulders, saying that he can't seem to get rid of it. Izunavi confirms that he can't either and says that they are the only ones who can see them, adding that they seem to be harmless for now. Giuliano guesses that it has something to do with finding favor with Tyson since Orau, Benjamin's soldier, doesn't have one on him. Izunavi remains skeptical and says that there may be other rules, but Giuliano tells him that he's just in denial, with Izunavi telling him to shut up and asking why he's so carefree.[7]

The next morning, Tyson begins to preach about the power of love, and an unconvinced Izunavi applauds her. After the meeting, Giuliano recognizes her words as being the same as the lyrics of a Nishina Khana song, but Izunavi says that he has never heard of her. After the two argue back and forth, Izunavi asks what he thinks of the creatures on their shoulders, and Giuliano says that he doesn't feel anything sinister from them, guessing that they would be wrong for them to be harmful since they come from someone who preaches about love. He likens them to a spirit bomb, but Izunavi says that his metaphors are too esoteric. Giuliano replies that he has to know DB, which Izunavi admits that he has read.[1]

Izunavi performing at the banquet

At the Sunday banquet, Izunavi and Giuliano are forced to headline a rock performance where the former sings and the latter plays the guitar. Tyson's other guards provide backup vocals as the Prince is left transfixed by the performance.[11] Two days later, when Izunavi goes to the break room and tells Giuliano that it's time to switch shifts, he finds the latter intently reading the Book of Tyson. He notices that Giuliano is getting too emotionally involved and warns him against it, reminding him that his real job starts after they reach the New Continent. As Giuliano leaves the room to start his shift, Izunavi looks at him with concern.[12]

Abilities & Powers

Izunavi has all the benefits granted by his status as a Hunter. He is a capable teacher and trains Kurapika to the point that he is able to fight and kill a member of the Phantom Troupe.[2] He also appears to be a talented singer.[11]


Izunavi is presumably a capable Nen user, having given Kurapika the means to confront the deadly Phantom Troupe in only a few months. He has an excellent theoretical grasp on Hatsu as well as Vows and Limitations.[2]


  • Izunavi was unnamed until Chapter 350, which was published in 2016.
  • In the 2011 anime adaptation, his name is "Mizuken" (ミズケン, Mizuken).

Anime and Manga Differences

Izunavi defeating Kurapika

  • In the 2011 anime adaptation, after being turned down by the agent at the Sengi Guild, Kurapika first encounters Izunavi (Mizuken) in a nearby forest. Izunavi launches an acorn toward Kurapika, who dodges out of the way as the acorn makes a large hole in a tree. Izunavi tells him that while he can't see what the agent wanted him to see, he can sense it. Kurapika demands to know why he tried to attack him, and Izunavi simply replies that he was playing with him. He then reveals that he stole Kurapika's Hunter License when he walked past him earlier. Kurapika orders him to give it back, but Izunavi asks if someone who doesn't know Nen will be able to defeat him. Some time passes, and Kurapika is handily beaten as he breathes heavily on the ground. After Kurapika angrily says that he needs enough power to fight by himself, Izunavi tosses him his license and offers to be his teacher, revealing that the real exam has only just started.[3]


  • His Japanese voice actor in the 1999 anime adaptation, Kazuki Yao, also voices Majtani in the 2011 anime adaptation.

Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag.png Arabic إيزوناڤي ('Iizunavy)
China Flag.png Chinese 伊兹拿比/伊茲拿比* (Yī zī ná bǐ)
水见/水見* (Shuǐ jiàn) [2011 anime]
South Korea Flag.png Korean 이즈나비 (Ijeunabi)
Russia Flag.png Russian Мизукен (Mizuken)


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