J10,000 (10000()(ジェニー)()()()()()()()(), 10000 Jenī) is a card found in the Greed Island game. This is a standard card that can be obtained by the player.[1] These cards can be placed in the player's "Free Slots".

Card Info

Type: Free Slot Card G.I Free Card - Border
Name: J10,000 10000()(ジェニー)()()()()()()()()
(10000 Jenī)
(10000 J)
Number: #607
Rank: H
Card Effect: 10,000 Jenny in card form.
How to Obtain: Trade in shop. Change it yourself.


This card is the currency for the Greed Island game. It is the same as regular Jenny, but in card form. This is the highest amount a player can get in card form.[1]

Card Description

[Jap] No.607 :: 10000()(ジェニー)()()()()()()()()


[Eng] No.607 :: 10,000J

The highest valued currency in Greed Island. When not in its card form, it looks just like a normal bill. (When not in its card form, it is useless on Greed Island).[1]

Card Forms


  • This is only seen in the manga[1] and 1999 anime adaptation.[2]
  • The manga's version of the card shows a real ¥10,000 (Japanese yen) note (Series D, 1984) obverse image.


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