Jappon (or simply Japan in the Viz's version) is an island country in the world.


Hunter X Hunter World Map

Jappon's location in the map

Being the home country of sushi, ninjas,[1] and haiku,[2] it is the fictional equivalent of real-life Japan. Hanzo[1][3] and Basho[2] come from this country.


  • Every "Japponese" character in the series is named after a famous person in Japanese history.
  • Jappon is a portmanteau of the words "Japan" and "Nippon," the formal reading of the kanji "日本" meaning Japan.
  • Jappon's real-life counterpart Japan is the only landmark on the real world map that has not been rotated or flipped to produce its counterpart on Hunter × Hunter's world map.
  • Although the country's name is written with Roman alphabet characters in its original form in the manga, the Viz's version still transliterates the name back to its inspiration and edits "Japan" over the name "Jappon".[1]


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