The Kaijinmaru (Kaijinmaru)[1] is a passenger ship used to transport prospective Hunter Exam applicants[2] to Dolle Harbor.[3]



Hunter Exam arcEdit

The Kaijinmaru stations at Whale Island and picks up applicants of the 287th Hunter Exam, including a boy by the name of Gon Freecss.[2] On the night of the voyage, the Kaijinmaru gets caught in a freak storm and tumultuous waves that shifts and turns the ship, but the Captain manages to navigate through it. The following morning he calls the prior night's experience a fair toss-up and when he sees the passengers in such a disdainful state, he disparages them, however, he sees that three passengers (including Gon) managed to survive the rough storm and compliments them. On the deck of the ship, the Captain talks with Gon, who has a presentiment of a greater storm than the last on the horizon. Delighted to hear about the boy's background and his astute instincts, the Captain takes the boy to the deck and makes an announcement to the ship's passengers about a greater storm on its way. The large majority of passengers jump out of the ship on the lifeboats, save for the three passengers that impressed the Captain.[4]

The remaining three are then interviewed by the Captain and they introduce themselves as Gon, Leorio, and Kurapika. In the interview, the Captain reveals that the Qualification Exam has already begun and after an altercation between Leorio and Kurapika, the two go on deck amid the second storm to duel one another. The duel is canceled after Gon tries and rescues a man overboard by the name of Katzo but he himself is nearly thrown overboard and so Leorio and Kurapika rescue the boy from danger. Impressed with the trio, the Captain passes them and takes them to the next location of the Qualification Exam.[4]

The following day, the Kaijinmaru docks at Dolle Harbor and drops off its trio of hopeful Hunters.[3]


Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

  • The ship is only named in the 1999 adaptation.[1]


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