Kakin's First King was, as per his title, the first monarch of Kakin and the creator of the Seed Urn.[1]


Succession Contest arc

King Nasubi Hui Guo Rou mentions his ancestor the First King in a conversation he has with his butler Nugui. It is said in ancient Kakin manuscripts that the First King conjured the Seen Urn after being inspired by the dark magic known as "Worm Toxin".[1] The Seed Urn was created amid turbulent times where the small country of Kakin would have been absorbed into any neighboring country at a moment's notice. This, however, was prevented with the creation of the Seed Urn, as it helped decided whom would become the next King of Kakin by making his children and descendants fight for unification.[2]

Abilities & Powers

As the ruler of Kakin, the First King must have wielded a degree of political and military power, although it was considered insignificant compared to that of neighboring countries.[2] He had some knowledge of traditional magic, and specifically of the Worm Toxin ritual.[1]


The First King is responsible for conjuring the Seed Urn,[1] the medium of a parasitic-type ability which endures to this day.[2] It is unknown if he received any formal schooling in Nen, or if he was able to use any other abilities.

Kakin's First King's Nen Abilities
Type: Conjuration[1] Seed Urn (()(ちゅう)(らん)()()()()()()(), Kochūran)
Seed Urn.png

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Kakin's First King conjured an urn with the power to bestow a parasitic-type Nen beast, known as a Guardian Spirit Beast, on each of his descendants. During what will become known as the "Seed Urn Ceremony", each heir to the throne offers a drop of their blood to the urn, then puts their hand in its mouth-like opening. At this point, a purple smoke fumes from the urn with a tiny female sprite dressed in Kakin traditional clothing holding a small egg, which she inserts into the host's mouth. The princes will thus be granted a Guardian Spirit Beast when the egg hatches. The sprite is invisible to ordinary people,[1] since it is made out of Nen, which caused Queen Oito to originally believe that the ceremony was only a purposeless tradition of the Royal Family.[3]

Once the Succession Contest begins, each participant receives a Guardian Spirit Beast whose appearance, demeanor and abilities are determined on their own. Since the Nen beats was not their creation, they have no power over it.[1] All Guardian Spirit Beasts are imbued with two primary instinctual rules: they do not fight and kill one another, and they do not attack another human whom a Guardian Spirit Beast is protecting.[2] The host cannot see their own Guardian Spirit Beast, nor are they able to see those of other hosts from the same generation even if they are a Nen user.[4] However, a host from a previous generation can see the Guardian Spirit Beasts of the next,[5] and retains their own from the Succession Contest of their own generation.[1]

Guardian Spirit Beasts feeds on the aura of their host to function and disappears when none is available,[6] therefore it may find itself unable to protect its host if the latter has run out of aura.[7] Even without their special abilities, Guardian Spirit Beasts can protect the host against threats, including bullets[8] and other Nen abilities,[9] even if the host attempts to kill themselves, thus preventing their suicide.[8] However, there is no guarantee that the protection of the host is a Nen beast's highest priority,[10] and some can leave their presence.[3] Nen beasts may also be aware of any Nen users that are able to see it and, if not actively attacking, it simply stares back at them,[11] and some even intimidate them.[2] The beasts can also react to their respective host's emotion.[4] and the latter's anxiety.[12][13] Some of them can even avoid showing themselves[14] or lack a form in the first place.[15]

Kurapika seems to have implied that Guardian Spirit Beasts are conjured; however, unlike many Conjuration abilities, they are invisible not only to the hosts of one but also to all non-users. This makes them a low-risk ability, which should have resulted in a tremendous amount of aura being spent to infuse the 14 princes with one Guardian Spirit Beast each. He, therefore, speculated that a complex system of Vows and Limitations ensures their continued existence and that if a prince managed to pull out of the Succession War, all Guardian Spirit Beasts would disappear.[16] However, attempting to escape the Succession Contest will result in the fugitive's death by countless ghostly hands that appear around the person.[15]


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