Kasuga (カスガ, Kasuga) was a female servant of the Zoldyck Family who had the duty of taking care of Alluka Zoldyck after the previous servant Yasuha had wished to become a billionaire.[1]


Kasuga was a young woman with long black hair and was seen wearing the standard Zoldyck butler uniform.[1]


Little is known about Kasuga's personality. In spite of the rules of the Zoldyck household, she dated a man online and the two eventually became a couple. It was also said that she eventually started to love him more than her ill mother.[2]


Kasuga grew up in an orphanage. She was then trained to become a butler for the Zoldyck family. Her mother was sick and the two could meet only once a month for thirty minutes. Shortly before her death, Kasuga had started to date a man she had met online.[2]


13th Hunter Chairman Election arc

Kasuga makes a deal with Illumi

Illumi makes a deal with her that if she listens to Alluka's requests and completes them, he would overlook her forbidden romantic relationship with a man she's met on the internet. Much to her shock, she is asked for her liver, intestines, spine, and brain consecutively by Alluka. Kasuga fearfully declines each and all of the 4 requests. As a result, the cost of the wish to become a billionaire made previously by Yasuha is thus transferred to her, her lover, and 65 other people, including her teachers and classmates inside the Zoldyck estate, all of whom are crushed to death at the same time.[1]


  • In the Viz translation, when Alluka requests Kasuga's intestines she calls her "Kusaga"[1]—most likely a typo, as the request can only be made if Alluka knows the subject person's name.

Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag.png Arabic كاسوغا (Kasuga)
South Korea Flag.png Korean 카스가 (Kaseuga)


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