"There needs to be no accomplices or it'll affect the entire mission for the Hunter Association. I can be proud when I see my wife and kid that I saved the lives of two wonderful girls."

— Keeney to Melody in "Escape"

Keeney (キーニ, Kīni) was a Pro-Hunter and one of Prince Kacho's bodyguards.[1]


Keeney was a petite man around Melody's stature. He had a receding hairline, fair hair, prominent wrinkles on his forehead and under his eyes, protruding ears, dark, thin eyebrows, droopy eyelids, and a pencil mustache. As a bodyguard, he wore a black suit.[1]


Keeney was devoted to his job and his employer, wishing to keep protecting her with his En despite being worn out.[1] The demise of his wife and daughter left him wishing for death, believing he would be reunited with them in the afterlife. He was willing to commit suicide to preserve the Hunter Association's image, and declared himself happy it was for the purpose of allowing Kacho and Fugetsu to escape the Succession War.[2]


Keeney's wife and daughter

At some point in his life, Keeney took and passed a Hunter Exam.[1] He lost his wife and daughter in an accident two years before boarding the Black Whale.[2]


Succession Contest arc

Melody divulges Mizaistom's orders to Keeney

As soon as Melody notices a change in Prince Kacho's heart rate, Keeney and her check on the prince, who claims she's alright and needs no attention.[3] Keeney informs Melody that the night before he felt someone appearing in Prince Kacho's bed with his En, as though popping out of a manhole cover. Going by the prince's silence, he deduces it was Prince Fugetsu, which Melody agrees with, and that her Guardian Spirit Beast has Spatio-temporal powers. He warns Melody that it is advantageous, but that if it became known Fugetsu would become a priority target. He then states he will keep up his En despite his exhaustion.[1]

Because of Prince Fugetsu's disappearance, a proxy of Mizaistom gives Melody the order that Keeney is in charge of stopping any escape attempt by Prince Kacho and Fugetsu and that she is to support him on this mission. Melody relays the message to Keeney.[4] They decipher Mizaistom's code and Keeney shows Melody a picture of his late wife and daughter, which he keeps in his pocket watch. He tells her that since their demise, he has been looking for a place to die and that he would be happy to do so for the sake of the Hunter Association while also saving the twins.[2]

Keeney kills himself

On the day of the banquet, he gives a beautiful piano performance right before Melody's turn. He plugs his ears and while all listeners are hypnotized, he takes Kacho and Fugetsu to the lifeboats. After waving them goodbye, he shoots himself.[2] His will, which clears Melody of suspicion and corroborates the twins' claim that he almost coerced them into escaping, is retrieved the following day by the justice department.[5]

Abilities & Powers

Keeney has all the benefits granted by his status as a Hunter.[1] He is known to be a very capable pianist.[2]


As a Pro-Hunter Keeney knows how to use Nen. He can maintain an En with a radius of at least a dozen meters[3] for several hours, albeit with effort.[1]


  • (To Melody) "My wife and daughter. They died in an accident two years ago... I've been looking for a place to die ever since."[2]


Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag.png Arabic كيني
China Flag.png Chinese 基尼


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