Kess (ケスー, Kesū) is a professional Hunter hired by Battera to clear the game Greed Island.[1]


Kess is a tall man with short, curly brown hair, thick sideburns, and a prominent aquiline nose.


He follows Tsezguerra's orders and is often cautious, but sometimes impulsive, suggesting that they pursue Genthru after he and his men stole cards from them. He is also tactical and quick-witted, saying that they should get a monopoly on "Plot of Beach" using "Clone" and "Mimic" before the Bombers acquire it.[2]


At some point in his life, Kess took and passed a Hunter Exam and learned Nen.[3] He, Barry, and Rodriot have been working with Tsezguerra for 20 years,[4] and were hired by Battera to clear Greed Island.[1]


Greed Island arc

Kess with Tsezguerra and the rest of the team

While on Greed Island, the team collects as many as 95 different specified slot cards before contacting the Bomber to trade.[1] During the trade, Genthru diverts the team's attention while Sub and Bara steal two cards from each of them, breaking their monopolies (among which was Kess' "Sacrifice Armor"), and acquiring rare cards. The Bombers then escape to Masadora. Kess urges Tsezguerra to give chase, but the Single-Star Hunter is against it, realizing that Genthru is in fact the Bomber. They resolve to find "Plot of Beach" before him and establish a monopoly. Thus they head to Soufrabi.[2] They are, however, unable to discover how to acquire the card. Not long after, Tsezguerra is contacted by Goreinu, who meets up with him and Rodriot to negotiate an alliance to get the card while Kess and Barry hide in the bushes. After listening to Goreinu's explanation of Razor's challenges, Kess volunteers for free throws. Kess and Rodriot go look for filler players while the others train for the rest of the week, after which they confront Razor and his pirates. Kess is the third to compete, defeating his opponent.[5]

Tsezguerra's team shocked at the turn of events during the dodgeball match

Because of their victories, Kess, Rodriot, and Barry are unable to participate in the dodgeball match, so they watch from the sidelines, administering first aid to Tsezguerra and Gon.[6][7][8][9][10][11][12] After their victory, Gon takes the original "Plot of Beach" while Tsezguerra's team settles for a copy. The Bombers immediately find out and threaten Tsezguerra, assuming that he has the original.[13] He strikes a deal with Gon's group to hold off the Bomber for three weeks in return for "Wild Luck Alexandrite". They restock on transportation spells before meeting up with the Bombers.[14] Tsezguerra's team refuses to hand over the card, and they take cards from the Bombers before escaping. Goreinu gives them the transportation spells he has collected.[15]

Tsezguerra's team confronting Battera

Over the next nine days, Kess uses his Nen ability to keep track of the Bombers and launch ambushes on them. He raises the alarm when,[16] one week later, the Bombers fly to them. When they run out of transportation spells, they leave the game, only to find Battera's mansion empty except for Sabazushi and the billionaire himself, who has canceled the reward and locked himself in his room without explanation. When the Bombers arrive,[17] Tsezguerra's team escape with Battera, quitting the game for good. They learn that Battera offered a reward for clearing the game so he could save his comatose lover, but she died one month earlier.[4]

13th Hunter Chairman Election arc

After the death of Chairman Netero, Kess and his teammates take part in the first round of the 13th Hunter Chairman Election.[3]

Abilities & Powers

Kess is capable enough to have passed the notoriously difficult Hunter Exam.[3] As one of the Hunters hired by Battera and a member of Tsezguerra's team, he is at least a decent Nen user, as confirmed later when Gon's team and Goreinu enlisted the help of other players to acquire "Plot of Beach". He is also a skilled basketball player, having defeated one of Razor's pirates.[5]


Kess has shown to be able to materialize an object as complex as a radar,[16] meaning that he is proficient in Conjuration. This ability complements Tsezguerra's guerrilla tactics very well.[15]

Kess' Nen Abilities
Type: Conjuration Silent Worker (蝿の仕事(サイレントワーカー) Job of a Fly)
Kess conjures a device akin to a radar which allows him to track the approximate locations of a specific target or group over a vast area.[16] The Bombers considered this ability impossible to evade.[15]


  • Greed Island arc:
    • Kess vs. Razor Pirate (Basketball)[5]


Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag.png Arabic كَيْس
China Flag.png Chinese 多布魯
France Flag.png French Kesû
Russia Flag.png Russian Кесс


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