Killua's weapon of choice is a pair of specially designed yo-yos. The yo-yos are extremely durable and heavy, each weighing 50 kilograms (approx. 110 pounds). They are constructed with an unnamed special metal alloy, which is also an excellent electrical conductor. Killua obtains the weapons through his brother Milluki, most likely after exiting Greed Island to retake the Hunter Exam.[1]


The yo-yos are a purple/navy blue color, with the stars being yellow in the 2011 anime. In the manga, the yo-yos are printed with a six-pointed star, or hexagram (✡).[1] In the Greed Island arc OVAs, the hexagram is changed to a pentagram (⛤) or an inverted pentagram (⛧), or yet a five-pointed star (☆).[2] However, later in the Chimera Ant arc, Killua is seen using a yo-yo that has a pentagram.[3] Because Killua has two yo-yos, there is probably one yo-yo with a hexagram design and another with a pentagram.


Greed Island arc

Killua hits Sub with his Yo-yo

Killua hitting Sub with his yo-yo

Killua showcases the two yo-yos to Biscuit as part of his preparations for the battle against the Bombers and he announces they will also be used in conjunction with his Nen ability.[4] Being the first time he uses them in combat, he experiments during his fight with Sub, doing things like running electric currents through them as a form of attack, and in turn defeating him.[1]

Chimera Ant arc

Killua kills two chimera ant soldiers 113

Killua kills two Chimera Ant soldiers

Killua uses his yo-yos during his fight against Shoot.[5]

While being pursued by Flutter, Killua hid in a thick foliaged area. There he planned to use his yo-yos against Flutter the moment he lowers himself enough to follow.[6] Then he uses one of them to grab Ikalgo before the latter falls in the Underground Lake, where his blood-frenzied Chimera Ant subordinates would tear him apart.[7] During the infiltration into the Royal Palace of East Gorteau, he obliterates the heads of two insect soldiers (Inzagi and Maenole) with them to save Ikalgo's cover, although this fact leads to Welfin growing suspicious of Flutter (Ikalgo's cover).[8] He later uses one of his yo-yo's like a mirror and sees the reflection of a now reborn Palm Chimera Ant soldier. After a brief discussion between the two, Killua attacks Palm with one of his yo-yos, only for it to be crushed by the reborn woman.[3]


  • Despite their weight (50 kilograms each), Killua is often seen pulling them out of his pockets.
  • Killua briefly uses his yo-yos during the Hunter × Hunter: The Last Mission movie.

Intertextuality and References


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