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Kon (コン, Kon) is a friendly Foxbear that lives on the Whale Island.


Kon has the stocky body of a bear and the sharp face and ears of a fox. He has brown fur and yellow eyes.


Despite Foxbears being known as aggressive and territorial beasts, Kon is very friendly and seems to understand Gon's speech. When the boy leaves for the Hunter Exam, Kon, a second foxbear, and several other forest animals come to say goodbye to him.


Hunter Exam arc

Gon and Kon

Kon was tamed and befriended by Gon after its parent was killed by the Hunter, Kite. Kite intended to put it down, as it hadn't been weaned, but Gon insisted that he could take care of it.[1]

Heavens Arena arc

In a meditative state, Gon remembers Kon.[2] Kon is also in Gon's thoughts when he thinks about how long he has been away from home.[3]

Yorknew City arc

After Gon arrives on the Whale Island accompanied by Killua, they go out to explore the forest. Killua asks if that place is where Gon's Foxbear friend lives; Gon confirms but doubts that Kon will appear because female Foxbears hate human scent so his mate would get upset, and his status as the ruler of the forest "prevents" him from hanging out with people as he would lose the respect of the other animals. As a "welcome back", Kon leaves some fresh fish for the boys where he and Gon used to play.[4]


Anime and Manga Differences

  • In the 1999 anime series:
    • His name is Konta (コン太,[5] Konta).
    • Kon has a cub. After Gon and Killua saved his cub using Nen, Kon's cub is later seen using Nen as well, which quite alarms Kon.[6]
    • Kon was captured twice by the same fake Hunter.[7][6]

Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag.png Arabic كون
Russia Flag.png Russian Кон


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