Kortopi (コルトピ, Korutopi) was member #12 of the Phantom Troupe and physically the weakest among the group.[2]


Kortopi's 2011 anime adaptation design

Kortopi's 1999 anime adaptation design

Kortopi's manga appearance

Kortopi was exceptionally short in stature (it is uncertain whether or not he was a child). He had a thick and messy mane of blue/grey hair covering his entire head and obscuring everything except for his bulbous left eye. He also had a small mouth and round head. He wore a light blue tunic, light blue pants beneath it, and black shoes. His large, round eyes were never seen closed.[3]


Kortopi did not appear to be very talkative and was often seen agreeing with what other Spiders said. He was fiercely loyal to Chrollo, allowing him to borrow his Nen ability[4] and willing to fight Phinks and Feitan to ensure his survival.[5]


Very little is known about Kortopi, or when he joined the Phantom Troupe. It is also not known if he participated in the massacre of the Kurta Clan.[6]


Yorknew City arc

On August 31st, Kortopi and the other Phantom Troupe members meet at an undisclosed location in Yorknew City. Their leader Chrollo announces that they will steal all the items at the Underground Auction.[7] Kortopi stays behind at the hideout with Hisoka, Phinks, Pakunoda, Bonolenov, and Chrollo, while the rest of the group heads to the auction to steal the items,[8] only to find that they were relocated before their arrival.[9] Kortopi can be seen at the Troupe's hideout when Pakunoda, Phinks, Nobunaga, and Machi bring back Gon and Killua as hostages.[10]

On the night of September 3rd, the Phantom Troupe (with the exception of Hisoka and Nobunaga) partake in a bloody massacre ordered by Chrollo,[11] slaughtering police and 2,000 heavily armed Mafia members all around the Cemetery Building.[12][13] During the rescheduled auction, Kortopi uses his Gallery Fake ability to create copies of all the items.[14] He also creates copies of five Troupe members including Chrollo to fool the Mafia into thinking that some of them were killed. Afterwards, the Troupe members return to the hideout and celebrate their successful heist.[15]

Kortopi can be seen when Nobunaga confronts Chrollo about his decision to return home, with Nobunaga wishing to locate and kill the the chain user in order to avenge Uvogin.[16] Chrollo commands Nobunaga to answer his questions while summoning his book.[1] Kortopi and the other Troupe members witness Chrollo ask Nobunaga three questions and watch him have his fortune told. Shizuku then has hers done, revealing the Troupe will be brought down to half of its members in the coming weeks.[6] When nearly everyone has their fortunes told and Hisoka's fortune is read by Pakunoda. Kortopi and the other members read Hisoka's fortune and learn that he betrayed the Troupe. Hisoka admits while being questioned by Chrollo that he revealed eight of their abilities, with Chrollo confirming that Hisoka found out Kortopi's ability just yesterday. When the group attempts to figure out which of them is the last among the dead members, Phinks says that it has to be either himself, Feitan, or Kortopi since none of them had enough data to have their fortunes read.[17]

Kortopi looking over the list of Nostrade bodyguards

As soon as Chrollo decides that Troupe should stay and split into groups, Kortopi is chosen to go in a group with Phinks and Feitan. Taking precautions, Chrollo asks Kortopi to make ten copies of their home base, but Kortopi confidently states he can make 50 copies and that they will act as his En, which will allow him to tell if anyone enters one of them.[18] After deducing the chain user's motive around the Scarlet Eyes, Chrollo asks Kortopi if he can locate the copied Scarlet Eyes. Kortopi states that he can by touching the original. Shizuku then locates the original pair, and Kortopi points in their direction after touching them, saying that they are a mile and half from their location. He tells the others that they need to hurry since the copies will disappear in a few hours. Chrollo discovers the location to be the Hotel Beitacle and tells Shalnark to switch teams with Kortopi so that the latter can come with them.[19]

Kortopi on the move with several other Troupe members

With the Phantom Troupe on the move, Melody listens to their footsteps and Killua tracks them from afar as they walk through the outskirts of the city and take a subway train into downtown. When they finally leave the train station, they're seen by Kurapika in disguise.[20] Outside the train station, Kortopi states that the copies are moving. The Troupe members rush towards their location until Kortopi says that its direction has changed and that it's now moving at a speed of 25 mph. After deducing that the Nostrade members are traveling by car, Chrollo senses that they are being tailed and tells Kortopi, Pakunoda, and Nobunaga to go after the copies. The three eventually track down Squala, who is stuck in rush hour traffic.[21] Pakunoda interrogates Squala, but when he snaps at her last question, he is decapitated by Nobunaga. Pakunoda then uses her Memory Bomb ability to transfer Squala's memories to Kortopi and Nobunaga before the three of them head to the Hotel Beitacle.[22]

Kortopi and the others realizing that Chrollo is missing

Kortopi, Nobunaga, and Pakunoda soon regroup with Chrollo, Machi, and Shizuku who have captured Gon and Killua. When Pakunoda scans the boys and asks them what they're hiding, a blackout suddenly occurs and the boys make an unsuccessful escape attempt. Shizuku is the first to point out that Chrollo is missing.[23] The other Troupe members then realize that Chrollo is nowhere to be found. With the Troupe becoming anxious, Pakunoda reveals that the boys had crucial information, but Nobunaga stops her and hands her a message from Kurapika that forbids her from revealing any information or else Chrollo dies.[24] Once Phinks, Feitan, and Shalnark arrive at the hotel, Phinks immediately demands answers. Shizuku, Nobunaga, and Kortopi explain the situation to the group, and after Phinks talks with Kurapika on the phone and lies about the hostages being injured, Nobunaga hands the restrained Killua over to Kortopi so he and Pakunoda can punch Phinks for his mistake.[25]

After the Troupe members return to their hideout, Pakunoda meets with Kurapika and hears his demands for a hostage exchange. Agitated by the conditions set by Kurapika, Phinks demands Kurapika's location and declares that he will get rid of the boys and then deal with Kurapika.[26] Pakunoda refuses and states that she is leaving with the boys, telling the others not to stop her, which aggravates Phinks. Kortopi and Machi support Pakunoda and claim that they will take care of whoever tries to stop them. Once Feitan sides with Phinks, they all activate their Ren. However, after Franklin reasons with the group, Phinks agrees to wait and Pakunoda leaves the hideout with the boys.[5] After the hostage exchange is successful, Pakunoda again returns to the hideout and sacrifices herself by transferring her memories to the Troupe's founding members (which doesn't include Kortopi).[27]

Greed Island arc

At the Troupe's hideout, Kortopi witnesses Feitan and Phinks transport themselves to Greed Island.[28] After researching the game from his computer, Shalnark asks Kortopi and Shizuku if they want to go to Greed Island as well. Although the two are reluctant at first, Shalnark convinces them after telling Shizuku that she will probably be safer there given her fortune.[29] Within the game and at a town called Rubicuta, Shalnark explains how Greed Island works and shows Kortopi and Shizuku how their respective abilities have no effect on the game's cards. He reveals that Greed Island takes place in the real world and that there are likely multiple Game Masters. Shizuku forgets what the reward is for clearing the game, and Kortopi reminds her that they can take back three specified slot cards with them. Shalnark theorizes that they may be able to use the "Toraemon" card to bring back every card. After Kortopi and Shizuku agree that it's worth trying, Shalnark says that their first objective should be to obtain "Eye of God" or "Analysis" before they then locate Phinks and Feitan.[30]

Sometime after regrouping with Phinks and Feitan, the Troupe members return to the real world and attempt to reach the real island.[31] Upon their arrival, however, Razor confronts them and introduces himself as a Game Master. He informs them that trespassers aren't welcome and that they can come back using the right way. He then uses an "Eliminate" card to send them to six different locations on the Azian Continent.[32] Finally locating an exorcist named Abengane, the Troupe has Hisoka make a deal with him so that he will remove Kurapika's Judgment Chain from Chrollo's heart.[33]

Succession Contest arc

Chrollo uses Gallery Fake in his deathmatch against Hisoka at Heavens Arena, implying that he met Kortopi and borrowed his ability sometime prior to the fight.[4] Once the deathmatch is finished, Kortopi, Shalnark, and Machi stand around Hisoka's corpse to confirm his death. Kortopi asks if Machi is coming as he and Shalnark prepare to leave, but Machi replies that she will stitch Hisoka up since he paid her in advance. Kortopi whispers to Shalnark and confirms that Machi wouldn't accept money when Hisoka was fighting Chrollo, with Shalnark adding that Machi is a nice person at heart. After the two leave, Hisoka is revived and traps Machi in place as he vows to kill all the Spiders.[3]

Kortopi's severed head held by Shalnark

After Chrollo contacts Shalnark and tells him about Kakin's journey to the New Continent and the Troupe's plan to steal the treasure on board, Shalnark waits for Kortopi to leave a public restroom and wonders why he's taking so long. As Shalnark's phone rings again, he suddenly spots Hisoka walking out of the restroom carrying something in his hand. Shalnark drops his phone and runs toward Hisoka, who tosses the object in Shalnark's direction. After Shalnark catches it and sees that it's Kortopi's severed head, Hisoka quickly kills him and strings up his body on a playset as crows pick at him and Kortopi's head lying at his feet.[3]

Abilities & Powers

Very little is known about Kortopi's combat abilities, but in terms of raw physical power, he was the weakest in the Troupe.[2] However, since he was allowed to join, he would have possessed physical strength superior to that of a normal person, in addition to having adequate proficiency in combat. In fact, he was willing to confront Phinks and Feitan (with the support of Machi), a testament to his strength.[5] However, he was killed by Hisoka without being able to inflict any significant injuries. Shalnark commented that he had been in the toilet for a long time, possibly implying that he managed to put up a fight. Although despite the proximity, Shalnark did not feel any aura or hear any sound.[3]

Advanced Speed: Kortopi was fast enough to keep up with the other Spiders while pursuing Kurapika.[21]

Enhanced Agility: Kortopi could run on the side of buildings and jump horizontally from one to another.[21]


Kortopi was a Conjurer.[1] Kurapika was deeply impressed with his ability to materialize whole buildings, suggesting that Kortopi was extremely skilled in his natural category.[19] His Nen ability seemed unsuited for combat, and instead focused on theft, misdirection, and tracking.[14] However, since all Spiders have aces in the hole,[17] it's possible that Kortopi's abilities were not limited to mere support. Aside from Hatsu, he could use at least Ren.[5] He held an immense amount of aura, having claimed that he could make more than fifty copies of the Troupe's hideout.[18] It should also be noted that while most Conjurers need very prolonged physical and emotional contact with the object they want to create, Kortopi could instantly materialize anything he touched. This was most likely due to the various conditions he had set on his ability. Prior to his demise, Kortopi allowed Chrollo to borrow his ability in preparation for the latter's deathmatch against Hisoka.[4]

Kortopi's Nen Type: Conjuration
Type: Conjuration Gallery Fake (神の左手悪魔の右手(ギャラリーフェイク) Divine Left Hand, Demonic Right Hand)
Kortopi nen.png When Kortopi touched an object with his left hand, he could conjure an exact replica of that object with his right hand.[14][1] He could not replicate living things except as inanimate objects, meaning that the copies would look like corpses.[1] While the ability appeared to enable him to reproduce even conjured objects, Kortopi was unable to mimic their effects.[30] The replicas that he created vanished after 24 hours, regardless of their size. However, before their disappearance, Kortopi was able to track the movements and position of each and every copied object by touching the original[19] since they acted as his En.[18]


  • Succession Contest arc:
    • Kortopi vs. Hisoka Morow[3]


Kortopi's full face

  • In the official databook, his name is also spelled as "Colhtophy".[34] The Volume 34 extras confirmed this spelling and revealed his surname, "Tounofmaill".
  • When Chrollo used Neon's ability to read the Troupe members' fortunes, Kortopi was one of three members whose fortune could not be told due to lack of information. It is unknown if he didn't know his last name, blood type, or date of birth.[17]
  • Kortopi's name is an anagram (excluding the direct object marker) of "making copies" in Japanese ("copi wo toru").

Intertextuality and References

  • The name given to Kortopi's ability, Gallery Fake, may be a reference to a manga of the same name. In the manga Gallery Fake (ギャラリーフェイク, Gyararī Feiku), the protagonist is the owner of an art gallery also called Gallery Fake, who possesses great skill in the aspect of artwork restoration and often deals forgeries in his trade to unsuspecting customers, mirroring Kortopi's actions at the Underground Auction.
  • The other name given to Kortopi's ability, Divine Left Hand, Demonic Right Hand, may be a reference to Kazuo Umezu's horror manga of the same name (神の左手悪魔の右手, Kami no Hidarite, Akuma no Migite).


  • In the 1999 anime adaptation, his Japanese voice actress also voices Ponzu, Anita, and Zushi. In the 2011 anime adaptation, his Japanese voice actor also voices Linssen and Rammot.

Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag.png Arabic كورتوبي (Kurtubi)
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Koltopi
China Flag.png Chinese 庫嗶 (Kù bì)
France Flag.png French Korutopi*
South Korea Flag.png Korean 콜트피 투노프메일 (Kolteupi Tunopeumeil)
Russia Flag.png Russian Кортопи (Kortopi)
Spain Flag.png Spanish Colhtophy*
Thailand Flag.png Thai กอลโทปี้ (Kxl tho pī̂)


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