The Kotoritana Republic (コトリタナ()(きょう)()(こく)()()()()()(), Kotoritana Kyōwakoku) is a location that is roughly as big as Greed Island.[1]


The size of the Kotoritana Republic is speculated to be as big as Greed Island.[1]


Greed Island arc

The Phantom Troupe member Shalnark uses the Kotoritana Republic as a tantamount size of Greed Island.[1]


  • The Kotoritana Republic is not mentioned in either anime adaptation, being manga-only.
  • For reference it is noted in the manga that the Kotoritana Republic (and by analogy Greed Island) is about the size of real-life Hokkaido island of Japan (approximately 83,450 km²/32,220 sq. mi.).[note 1]


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  1. The Viz translation erroneously presents the size of Hokkaido as being "~83,000 sq. mi. -ed",[1] quantifying the size of the island in miles (which would result in a different value) rather than kilometers.
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