Kurapika's Memories (クラピカ追憶編, Kurapika Tsuioku-hen) is a prequel and "volume zero" of the Hunter × Hunter series. It was given out to the first one million viewers of the 2013 movie Phantom Rouge.



Kurapika walks in Lukso Province

Kurapika in Lukso Province

Kurapika lived in a forest, in a place called Lukso Province, as part of the Kurta Clan. The village had one hundred twenty-eight other people, including his friend Pairo, who had weakened eyes and legs. The pure blood of the clan had eyes that would turn red with emotion, called Scarlet Eyes, and had suffered much persecution in the past. Many rules and restrictions were placed for the clan's safety and protection. Kurapika could not understand many of the rules, especially one-only adults were allowed to take the exam to be able to journey to the outside world.

One year before, Kurapika and Pairo had found an outsider named Sheila, who in return for giving her some water, gave them a book about the adventures of the D Hunter. They found her shelter for her to use while her injuries healed, while she told them about the outside world. The two friends continued to read the book after she left, and dreamed of the world outside the clan.

Kurapika argues with the Elder to allow him to partake in the entry exam and the Elder finally gives in. Kurapika passes the first two phases and is told of the third, where if he or a partner reveals their Scarlet Eyes to the outside world, he will fail the test. He chooses his friend Pairo as his partner.

Helped by Pairo's forethought and patience, Kurapika is able to pass the third test. He promises Pairo he will have fun in the outside world and leaves the village to find a doctor to cure Pairo. Six weeks later, the news reported the massacre of the Kurta Clan.


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