She was the mother of Kurapika and a member of the Kurta Clan.[1]


Kurapika's mother donned a crimson-colored Kurta garb with a pinkish lining. She had blonde hair and gray eyes.[1]


It was stated by Kurapika's father that Kurapika inherited his mother's likeness. She wished for her son to go to the outside world and change the clan's initial thoughts about it.[1] She was an adventurous, happy, and energetic woman, who in Kurapika's childish worldview when he was young, perceived her as being "noisy".


She was first seen having a talk with her husband, about Kurapika taking the tests.[1]

Later, she along with her husband and other Kurta clan members were massacred by the infamous group, the Phantom Troupe.[2]


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