Kurt (クルト, Kuruto) was a nine-year-old boy who lived with his mother and sister Reina in a village in the NGL.[1]


Kurt was a young boy with short black hair. He was seen wearing a dark blue vest, with a cross on the back over a long sleeve shirt.


Kurt cared for his mother and sister deeply. He had a strong urge to keep his family safe. He fought off a snake and died confronting a Chimera Ant to protect his sister.[1]


Chimera Ant arc

Through a series of journal entries written by Kurt; we learn various accomplishments made by Reina and her older brother Kurt. His younger sister Reina is not only very reliant on him, she also wishes to one day marry him, much to his chagrin. Still, Kurt worries for his younger sister's wellbeing and vows to protect her from harm until she finds a worthy man. One day when Kurt and Reina go fishing by the riverside, they catch and cook some fish for their mother to give her a surprise. As they try to go home they're confronted by a giant crab-like Chimera Ant.[1]

Kurt and Reina attacked

Kurt and his sister, Reina, getting attacked by a Chimera Ant

The journal ends and, as the crab draws closer to the two children, Kurt tries to defend himself and his sister against it with a stick. The Chimera Ant however easily kills both of the children and delivers their remains to the Chimera Ant Queen, making them the first humans the Queen devours.[1] Both Kurt and Reina are later reborn as Colt[2] and Shidore;[3] the desire to protect Reina was so strong that it was passed onto Colt and it has a great influence on his mentality.[4]

Reina and her big brother Kurt briefly appear again in a flashback with their mother Haruna.[5]


  • Chimera Ant arc:
    • Kurt* vs. Chimera Ant soldier[1]


  • Between the Japanese writings of "Colt", his name as a Chimera Ant, and "Kurt", his human name, only the first syllable changes. When written in rōmaji, the first letter is also the same. This was likely done to indicate the continuity between the two characters.


  • Although probably unrelated, curiously:
    • "kurt" is Turkish for "wolf";
    • and "Kurt" is also a German first name.

Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag Arabic كورت
France Flag French Kuruto


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