Latoon (ラトゥーン, Ratūn) was a professional Hunter and a member of Teradein Neutral's Pure Paladin Squad.[1]


Very little is known of Latoon. During the course of their life, Latoon became a Hunter and learned Nen. They joined Teradein Neutral's Seirin Group and was one of the eight Hunters sent to eliminate Illumi Zoldyck.


13th Hunter Chairman Election arcEdit

Teradein trying to phone Latune and Kenzaki

Teradein trying to phone Latoon and Kenzaki

Following Teradein's decision to arrest Illumi and Hisoka, Latoon was sent to stop the Needle People and follow one of the blimps dispatched by Killua. Upon hearing of the crushing defeat suffered by one, possibly two of the teams who joined the hunt, Bushidora Ambitious remarks that it is not a job for amateurs and suggests that Teradein send out a warning to the Hunters going after the Needle People. However, Latoon does not answer the phone, prompting Bushidora to take matters in his own hands. Later, Loupe Highland bursts into Teradein's office and informs him that all the members of Bushidora's team and of the one previously pursuing the Needle People have been killed.[1] Teradein confirms Latoon's death in an announcment video message to everyone in the Hunter Association.[2]

Abilities & PowersEdit

Latoon possibly has all the benefits granted by their status as a pro Hunter. As such, Latoon is able to use Nen.


  • 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc:
    • Latoon, Bushidora Ambitious*, Kenzaki, 6 Pro Hunters, 15 Temp Hunters, and 98 non-members vs. Illumi Zoldyck and Hisoka Morow[3][1]


  • In the Crunchyroll's translation of the 2011 anime, the character's name is "Latun".


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