Leech ((ひる), Hiru) was a member of the Shadow Beasts, the elite guard of the Ten Dons.[4]


Leech 2011 Design

Leech's 2011 anime adaptation design

Leech was a large and portly man, with black hair and a large nose. He was seen wearing casual clothing consisted of a T-shirt, casual trousers, and a pair of sports shoes.[4] When using his ability, he would extend the opening of the sag inside his body from his mouth, giving it the appearance of either a large tongue or an insect proboscis.[5]


Leech is a sadist, which he revealed when he relished in describing the horrible death that awaited Uvogin at the hands of his leeches.[5]


He was part of the special group called the Shadow Beasts.[4]


Yorknew City arc

Members of the Shadow Beasts

The Shadow Beasts appear

Leech along with Porcupine, Rabid Dog, and Worm first appear in front of the remaining Nostrade Family bodyguards in the Gordeau Desert, each of them being sent by one of the Ten Dons to deal with the thieves of the Underground Auction. He along with Porcupine and Rabid Dog speculate how Uvogin is no ordinary thief also noting he's not only a specialist in his field of work, but also a professional killer. After three of the Shadow Beasts confront Uvogin and after they question one another; Worm ambushes Uvogin by punching his face, but gets his own face smashed in.[4]

So Worm retaliates by dragging Uvogin's arm into the ground and pins him, while the remaining Shadow Beasts try a head-on attack together against Uvogin. Not amused by the situation Uvogin uses his signature move Big Bang Impact decimating the entire ground beneath him and revealing his Spider tattoo. With Uvogin taunting the Shadow Beasts the three charges head-on against him. So Uvogin throws a punch at Porcupine, only to have his hand and most of his arm entrapped in Porcupine's "needling body hairs". Rabid Dog then attacks Uvogin with his "enhanced fangs", Uvogin tries to attack Leech with Porcupine's "needling body hairs", but fails as the hair softens upon touching Leech. After Rabid Dog takes another bite out of Uvogin and he becomes grounded due to the poison from Rabid Dog's fangs. Leech takes the opportunity to inject Uvogin with a bunch of leeches.[5]

Leech's death

Leech's death

Leech then boasts how he stores an immeasurable amount of leeches (Spotted Leeches) within Uvogin, that will lay eggs in his bladder and he'll suffer a painful death when they hatch. Before Leech could finish what he was going to say, Uvogin bites off a large chunk of the right side of his face, killing him. Uvogin unimpressed by the quality of Leech's taste, he later uses a chunk of Leech's skull as a projectile bullet that kills Rabid Dog.[5]

Abilities & Powers

​As a Shadow Beast, Leech is very influential within the Mafia Community. He is also a capable fighter, one of the best serving under the Ten Dons, since he was chosen as one of their personal bodyguards. However, he was no match for Uvogin.


Leech is a Manipulator*.[2][3] As a Shadow Beast, he is one of the ten best Nen users within the Mafia Community, making him a fearsome opponent. His abilities also work well in conjunction with those of other Shadow Beasts. He is fairly proficient at Zetsu, since he managed to near Neon Nostrade's bodyguards with only Melody (thanks to her hearing) and possibly Kurapika noticing.[4]

Leech's Nen Type: Manipulation*
Type: Manipulation Leech Manipulation*
Leech Tongue 2011 Inside Leech's body there is a bag, seemingly made out of muscles, in which he breeds several species of leeches, all of which are particularly fond of human flesh. Some cure diseases, others transmit them, making his ability fairly versatile. Through a trunk-like appendage that travels parallel to his esophagus and comes out of his mouth, he can implant several of them into the body of his enemy. It is possible that he uses Manipulation in order to prevent them from turning on him. Against Uvogin, he used the spotted leech. These leeches will make their way to the host's bladder through his flesh before laying their eggs there and dying. When the eggs hatch, the pain is said to be enough to kill anyone. However, the eggs need a precise level of ammonia or they will not hatch and merely be expelled with urine. This ability appears more suitable to torture, intimidation, and execution rather than battle, as it does not seem to be as effective on unrestrained targets.[5]


  • Yorknew City arc:
    • Leech, Worm, Porcupine, and Rabid Dog vs. Uvogin (Gordeau Desert)[4][5]



Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag Arabic علقة (Ealaqa)
China Flag Chinese 蛭 (Zhì)
France Flag French Hiru
Spain Flag Spanish Hiru
Thailand Flag Thai ปลิง (Pling)


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