"This is an investment!! With it, I'll be able to climb higher!! Neon is my ace on the hole, now and forever!! I've got to keep her in a good mood. As long as I have her, I'll have all the money I want!!"

— Light Nostrade in "September 3rd: Part 17"

Light Nostrade (ライト=ノストラード, Raito Nosutorādo) is the head of the Nostrade Family,[1] a Mafia group under the leadership to the Ritz Family[2] and is Kurapika's former employer.[3] After Neon lost her power to Chrollo and Kurapika took over the leadership of the Nostrade family, his current role is unknown.


Light Nostrade 2011 Design

Light's 2011 anime design

He is a middle aged man with his hair combed back and has a thick mustache. He usually wears a suit.


41 - Light and Neon Nostrade

Light with Neon

Light usually has a calm personality, but gets put on edge when the safety of his daughter Neon is jeopardized.[4] He is very indulging of his daughter's whims. While it's unclear how much of his affection for her is sincere, a large part of his behavior is due to the value he places on her fortune-telling Nen ability. It has been revealed that exploiting this ability was how he got ahead in the Mafia, as well as how he maintains his position.[1]


Light was originally just a minor provincial within the Ritz family in the Mafia community. However by shrewdly using his daughter Neon's fortune-telling ability, he managed to surge his position in the Mafia community.[1]


Yorknew City arcEdit

En route to Yorknew City, Neon calls her father and threatens him to cease her fortune-telling, for being flooded with more requests than she can handle. Light negotiates with her and promises her more presents, which delights Neon. On the night of September 1st, Dalzollene, the leader of the bodyguards, contacts Light from the Hotel Beitacle to inform him of disturbing news found on the most recent fortunes.[1] Apparently, most of the fortunes foretold death would happen to most of the members who would attend the auction. Seeing the danger in having Neon attend the Underground Auction, Light forbids her to attend it, and to pacify her emotions get her whatever she desires from the auction regardless of the cost. However, when Neon learns of this, she throws a giant tantrum, with Dalzollene at his wits end.[4]

Light Nostrade

Light en route to Yorknew City

Light learns of Neon's tantrums from Dalzollene and cancels all his plans, only to head to Yorknew City at once. He orders Dalzollene to acquire the Princess Corco mummy just to keep his daughter satisfied.[5] On the night of September 2nd, Neon contacts Light to inform him that all of the auction items were stolen by thieves and Dalzollene may have been killed. Light talks to Kurapika and is shocked to hear Dalzollene dead despite his credentials. After hearing Kurapika's thoughts, Light instantly promotes him to be the head bodyguard.[6]

During the afternoon of September 3rd, Light meets with the bodyguards, who divulge to him the recent events. He orders the guards to take Neon home, with the auction being cancelled, while assuring his daughter that the stolen items would be retrieved and she could attend next year's auction instead. Light orders Basho and Melody to guard Neon until she returns home, and they should dress in disguise, since their pictures are on the Hunter Website. As Neon goes off to pack her things, Light confides to the bodyguards that the Underground Auction would resume that very night, the Shadow Beasts aside from Owl are dead, and that the Ten Dons have hired a number of professional assassins to eliminate and retrieve the stolen goods from the Phantom Troupe. Since this act would lower the reputation of the community, Light orders Kurapika to join them.[7]

Later, Light and Kurapika attend a meeting where the freelance assassins, Zeno and Silva Zoldyck, and Mafia head Zenji accompanied by some bodyguards all discuss a plan on how to deal with the Phantom Troupe. After the meeting, Zenji confronts Light and after some hostile exchanged words and punches him in the face. Kurapika threatens Zenji with a knife, but Light stops him. Light admits to Kurapika that he has made a lot of jealous enemies with his success, and will make more with his daughter's predictions. He expects great things from Kurapika and will award him generously for his efforts. However, Melody soon contacts Kurapika and tells him that Neon has run away. Panic stricken, Light is assured by Kurapika that his daughter must have figured out about the lie and aims to head to the Cemetery Building. Light contacts the police to have them be on the look out for his daughter, and is later contacted by one of them who tells him she escaped via a cab. Keeping calm about the situation, Kurapika uses his Dowsing Chain Nen ability and a map to locate Neon.[8]

Upon arriving at the Cemetery Building, Light immediately rushes to Neon's room and finds her unconscious. He becomes furious when he finds out that Neon's picture is actually uploaded in the Hunter Website, and Kurapika calms him and reminds him that their top priority is Neon's safety. Additionally, Kurapika explains that the other bodyguards are on the way and predicts that the auction might be cancelled again, due to the upcoming battle.[9] A medical team arrives later to escort Neon to a local hospital.[10]

Light learns from Kurapika that the members of the Phantom Troupe are dead, and that he would attend the auction as ordered. He insists that Kurapika should win the Scarlet Eyes regardless of the cost. Ultimately, the Scarlet Eyes were purchased for a total price of 2.9 billion Jenny Currency Symbol, due to Zenji's interference. Although upset by the price paid for the eyes, Light figures would not only easily make the money back in no time, but rise to power even further with his daughter's ability.[11]

After regaining consciousness, Neon thanks her father for the eyes and forgives him. Outside Neon's hospital room, Light congratulates the bodyguards for a job well done and informs the group on the following day, the Sonne Limarch Tissue would be up for auction, and that the morning after the next he would take off. Light also orders Melody and Basho to accompany Neon on another shopping the following day as well, much to their dismay.[11]

Greed Island arcEdit

Light's Breakdown

Light's breakdown

Sometime after the auction, Light undergoes a serious breakdown after Neon's fortune-telling ability was stolen and the fact that he purchased a 2.9 billion worth of item and could not pay for it. He summons Kurapika to his room and demands him if he knows what would happen in the future. Despite Kurapika's attempt to calm him, Light orders him to get Neon back to normal.[12]

Dark Continent Expedition arcEdit

Light's organization somehow survived the critical blow and is now led by Kurapika. The organization is exclusively involved in legal activities, with its source of income being from gambling and bodyguarding.[13]


  • (To Kurapika) "Wh-What am I supposed to do this month? Tell me, what should I do?! What do you know?! You have no idea what will happen in the future!! Neon!! Get Neon back to normal!! Now!!"[12]


  • The character's first name, Light, potentially derives from his daughter's name, Neon, (or vice versa), as in the term neon lighting.
  • His last name, Nostrade, is probably a reference to Nostradamus, the famous French seer (in relation to his daughter), and La Cosa Nostra, the nickname for the Italian mafia.

Intertextuality and ReferencesEdit

Translations around the WorldEdit

Language Name
The Arab world Flag Arabic لايت نوستراد (Lait Nustrad)
France Flag French Right Nostrad
South Korea Flag Korean 라이트 노스트라드 (Laiteu Noseuteuradeu)
Russia Flag Russian Лайт Ностраде (Lait Nostradye)


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