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Lin Koshi (リン゠コウシ, Rin Kōshi) is an Amateur Hunter and member of the former Wildlife Exploration Team who come to survey the Kakin Empire with Kite. And Kite has stated that Lin and his fellow Amateur Hunters in the team have excellent potential to be Pro-Hunters.[1]


Lin Koshi is a short man with round glasses and is usually seen nervous and stuttering. He is seen wearing a plain bluish t-shirt and has rabbit-like front teeth.



Chimera Ant arcEdit

After meeting Gon and Killua, Kite stated that for the 3 years they've stayed in Kakin, Lin has already discovered more than 1000 new species of animals. Lin states, 1019 new species to be precise, while Kite has only discovered 68.[1]

13th Hunter Chairman Election arcEdit

Epis 148 (2011) - Observing Small-billed Swans -22.47-

Observing the Small-billed Swans

Lin is seen once again along with the other Amateur Hunters, Kite, and Koala waving goodbye to Gon, after he visits Kite.[2] Later, in Spin's hometown along with the rest of the Amateur Hunters, Gon, Koala, and Kite, he watches flocks of Small-billed Swans fly into the sky.[3]


  • His original Japanese first name, リン (Rin), is identical to the original name of Linn.

Translations around the WorldEdit

Language Name
The Arab world Flag Arabic لين كوشي
France Flag French Rin Kôshi
Russia Flag Russian Лин Коши


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