Lingon Airport (リンゴーン()(くう)(こう)()()()()()()(), Ringōn Kūkō) is an airport in the Yorknew City[1] suburbs, about 90 minutes drive from the Hotel Beitacle,[2] through a road in a desert area.[3]


The Lingon Airport is a major airport that is closest to Yorknew City.[3]


Yorknew City arc

In a briefing involving the new Nostrade Family bodyguards, the head bodyguard Dalzollene mentions the Lingon Airport as the location where their airship will land the following day to transport their boss, Neon Nostrade, to a destination in Yorknew City.[2] On August 31st the Nostrade airship safely lands on one of the airport's runways. Neon exits the airship and is escorted by her bodyguards to a limo that will transport her to the Hotel Beitacle.[3]

In the afternoon of September 3rd, the day of the rescheduled Underground Auction, Neon accompanied by her two maids Eliza and an unnamed maid and her bodyguards Melody and Basho goes on a shopping spree. During their break, Neon absconds from her maids and bodyguards by feigning going to the bathroom and sneaking by them in a disguise while in a crowd of chatty women. Apparently, she planned to go to the auction herself and unbeknownst to her she was being followed by a man.[1] Following up on this turn of event, Melody contacts Kurapika to update him on the situation involving Neon's escape.[4]

On September 4th the Lingon Airport is used as a negotiation ground to negotiate a hostage exchange. The exchange is between Kurapika's hostage, the Phantom Troupe leader Chrollo Lucilfer, and Phantom Troupe member Pakunoda's hostages, Gon and Killua, both of which are back at the Phantom Troupe's hideout.[5] Pakunoda arrives at the airport and enters one of the airships where the negotiations begin and go off without a hitch.[6] Following the conditions to the hostage exchange, Pakunoda returns to the Lingon Airport with her hostages. However, they are greeted by Hisoka who interlopes into the exchange in order to fight with Chrollo.[7] The fight between Chrollo and Hisoka never takes place and back at the airport Hisoka parts with Pakunoda confessing his true fortune and departs saying goodbye to her.[8]

Witnessing her maid Eliza having an emotional breakdown over the loss of her boyfriend Squala, Neon chooses to leave Yorknew by their airship in Lingon Airport on September 5th.[9] On September 7th Leorio sees off Kurapika and Melody in the airport as they return to their boss' mansion.[10]


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