The Lone Pine Tree ((いっ)(ぽん)(すぎ)()()()()()()(), Ipponsugi—lit. "One Cedar") is a huge tree located in an arboreous area near Dolle Harbor with a quartet of Kiriko that live in a cabin under the tree.[1]


Another pre-exam trial that tests the examinees in many facets is held at this location.[1]


Hunter Exam arc

Following the tip given by the Captain[2] and the Quizzing Lady; the hopefuls Hunter examinees Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio follow a path into a forest that leads them to a log cabin where the Lone Pine Tree stands. In that cabin, a husband is attacked and wounded while his wife is taken hostage by a Kiriko. This turn of events is eventually solved and it's revealed that the husband and wife were the son and daughter to the one Kiriko they encountered in the log cabin and the other one that tried to attack Gon in the forest was the father and mother respectively. They pass the trio and take them to the Hunter Exam site.[1]

Greed Island arc

After registering for the 288th Hunter Exam, Killua plans to head to the Lone Pine Tree as Gon suggested, however, he would first take a shower.[3] That night he manages to reach his destination and the Kiriko recognize Gon's scent on Killua, although, he took a shower beforehand. So to kill time, Killua tells the Kiriko about his adventures with Gon up to that point.[4]


  • In the 1999 anime adaptation (subtitled version) it is called "lone cedar"[5] and in the 2011 anime adaptation it is referred as "big cedar tree" (大きな杉の木, ōkina sugi no ki).[6]


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