Lukso Province (ルクソ()()(ほう)()()()()()()(), Rukuso-chihō) is the residence of the previous Kurta Clan, prior to their massacre by the Phantom Troupe.[1] This province is not easily found, which is the reason why Kurta clan members were able to hide themselves. Kurapika lived in Lukso Province during his early childhood.


Phantom Rouge - Kurapika and Pairo find Sheila

Example of some plants and trees with a swirl type pattern

Lukso Province has abundant trees and plants, with varying swirl patterns.


Lukso Province bird

A large native bird in Lukso Province

Large birds were one way that they traveled and carried heavy loads. Kurapika and Pairo used these birds to ride back and forth from the village to the province, and to carry the groceries obtained for the third test. When journeying to the outside world, Kurapika also used one.[2][3] Another type of large bird, with green plumage and curved beak, was native to Lukso Province.[4]


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Kurta Clan


  • In Esperanto, "lukso" translates as "luxury."


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