The Lurka Ruins (ルルカ()()(せき)()()()()()()(), Ruruka Iseki)[1] or Lurka Civilization Ruins (ルルカ()(ぶん)(めい)()(せき)()()()()(), Ruruka Bunmei Iseki) are ruins that were discovered by Ging Freecss[2] and excavated and restored[1] primarily by him.[1][3]


The Lurka Ruins were once excavated and restored[1] by Ging Freecss,[3] who used his own money and to pay for the restoration and public viewing facilities that emphasized the need for preservation. These methods have since been adopted as the veritable textbook on archeology.[1]


Hunter Exam arc

In a flashback involving Kite and a younger Gon, Kite informs the boy that Ging discovered the Lurka Civilization Ruins and achieved numerous other things in his tenure as a Hunter.[2]

Satotz mentions to Gon how he learned humility from a Hunter's work at the Lurka Ruins. The Hunter paid for all of the restoration and public facilities that emphasized the need for preservation of the ruins. Finishing his story, Satotz recommends that Gon visit the place someday, which he agrees to do.[1]

Seeking information on the Hunter License that he received from Kite, Gon asks Satotz. After checking its number, he reveals that it belongs to Ging Freecss, the unnamed protagonist of his Lurka Ruins story.[3]


  • During their meeting atop the World Tree, Ging tells Gon about the excavation of a royal burial ground which may or may not be the Lurka Ruins. According to him, curiosity about the site was the trigger that prompted him to become a Hunter, after which, at the age of 15, he set up a nonprofit corporation to research and repair the site. The project was completed with the cooperation of ten enthusiasts who donated what little money they could, and who still work pro bono at the site. Ging recalls that setting foot with them inside the tomb was more precious to him than the information he gathered from it.[4]

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