Mad Scientist's Steroids (マッド博士の筋肉増強剤) is a card found in the Greed Island game. It is one of the game's 100 designated slot cards and is required for a player to complete the game.

Card InfoEdit

Type: Designated Slot Card G.I Restricted Card - Border
Name: Mad Scientist's Steroids マッド博士の筋肉増強剤

(Maddo Hakase no Kinniku zoukyouzai)

(Muscle enhancer of the Mad Doctor)
(Steroids of the Mad Scientist)
Number: #070
Rank: A

Transformation: 16

Card Effect: Get all the muscles you want without exercise. You must drink a liter a day for a week, and it tastes horrible. A seven-box set, with ten one-L bottles per box.
How to Obtain: (unknown)


Mad Scientist's Steroids (マッド博士の筋肉増強剤): This card allows the caster to conjure a seven-box set of Mad Scientist's Steroids. When consumed, it allows the user to get all the muscles they desire without exercise. In order for them to take effect, you need to drink a liter a day. Each box contains 10 one-liter bottles.

Card DescriptionEdit

[Jap] No.070 :: マッド博士の筋肉増強剤


[Eng] No.070 :: Mad Scientist's Steroids

It is possible to obtain muscles of your dreams when you swallow this potion. Drink 1L a day for a week, but it tastes very unpleasant. Box holds 10 bottles. 7 Box Set.

Card FormsEdit